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Top 5 Things to Do in Buenos Aires

Top 5 experiences in Buenos Aires

A perfect blend of European splendor and Latin passion, Buenos Aires is a magical city that will lure you in and make you fall in love. Seductive and cultured, this city never bores and seldom sleeps. Although Buenos Aires inspires itself from the great European cities, it retains its own unique charm and identity that is defined by its proud traditions such as football, tango and mate. From spectacular tango shows to sumptuous dining experiences, this city offers a large variety of activities suited to all types of travelers. To soften its distinctive urban personality, the grand avenidas are lined with impressive tropical trees and the expansive parks offer many relaxing spaces to soak in the sun. The map may portray Buenos Aires as dauntingly huge, yet the compact center and proximity of all the main sights make it a very accessible city. Its inhabitants, known as Porteños, are notoriously extravagant and impeccably dressed, however they are very hospitable and love sharing their beautiful city with visitors. Buenos Aires combines an ethnically hybrid culture with a rich history and produces a splendid concoction of fascinating museums, magnificent buildings and beautiful people. To heighten your Buenos Aires experience, here is our suggestion of the top 5 things to do in Buenos Aires.

Things to do in Buenos Aires

A splendid view of Plaza de Mayo Square in downtown Buenos Aires

#1 Stroll down La Boca’s El Caminito

As a hotspot, a trip to Buenos Aires is never complete without a stroll down El Caminito in La Boca. This transformed shantytown consists mainly of shacks made from ship debris such as planks, sheet metal and corrugated iron that were boldly painted with leftover paint that Genoese port workers got from ships. Read more about La Boca…

La Boca Buenos Aires

Explore the colorful, working-class neighborhood of La Boca

#2 Join the hustle and bustle of the San Telmo Market 

San Telmo’s main road closes on Sundays to accommodate the Feria de San Telmo, a large antiques market held in the neighborhood’s central square. A flood of tourists and locals pour in to browse craft stalls, queue for some delicious Choripan (a must of Argentinean street food!) and to enjoy some live tango street performances. Read more about the San Telmo Market…

San Telmo Market Buenos Aires

San Telmo Market has everything you need (and don’t!)

#3 Feast your eyes and ears at the Teatro Colon

A prime example of European architectural influence in Buenos Aires, the splendid Teatro Colon is considered to be among the five best concert venues in the world and was ranked the third best opera house in the world by National Geographic. Having undergone an extensive refurbishment, the grandiose opera house boasts a stunning interior with painted ceilings and dazzling gold balconies. Read more about the Teatro Colon…

Teatro Colon Buenos Aires

Witness a concert in the famous Teatro Colon

#4 Visit the Cementerio de la Recoleta 

This exclusive cemetery in Buenos Aires is one of the world’s most remarkable burial grounds. A bewildering display of Argentinean architecture and history, these grounds have presidents, military heroes, influential politicians and celebrities buried beneath them. The immense vaults align to form a haunting necropolis, a city within a city. Read more about the Cementerio de la Recoleta…

Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aires

Admire the towering tombstones in the Recoleta Cemetery

#5 Delve into Argentine history in the Plaza de Mayo

Surrounded by the Cabildo (museum), Casa Rosada (Government building) and the city’s Metropolitan Cathedral, Plaza de Mayo’s high concentration of iconic landmarks and its tendency to attract both supporters and protesters of successive governments make it a microcosm of the vibrant past and present of Argentina. Aside from being a political, financial and administrative center, the square has been – and continues to be – a symbol for hope.  Read more about Plaza de Mayo…

Plaza de Mayo Buenos Aires

Plaza de Mayo is the oldest public square in Buenos aires, and was the scene of many of the most important events in the city’s history.


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