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Buenos Aires Highlight: San Telmo Market

Join the hustle and bustle of the San Telmo Market 

San Telmo’s main road closes on Sundays to accommodate the Feria de San Telmo, a large antiques market held in the neighborhood’s central square. A flood of tourists and locals pour in to browse craft stalls, queue for some delicious Choripan (a must of Argentinean street food!) and to enjoy some live tango street performances. With its crumbling facades and cobbled streets, San Telmo acts as a bohemian hub that defends Buenos Aires’ historical traditions. The neighborhood stays true to its authentic and humble beginnings and feels somewhat timeless with its character enhancing the atmosphere found in Buenos Aires. When San Telmo’s grand mansions were abandoned by their owners after a yellow fever epidemic in 1871, they were converted into tenements and a wave of European immigrants settled there. In the mid-20th century, San Telmo began attracting artists that brought with them a bohemian vibe while also established the neighborhood as a tango hotspot. Nowadays, San Telmo is a fascinating hybrid of a shabby chic inner-city suburb, a bohemian alcove and a tango center, making it an intriguing place to visit and must-do on your list when visiting Buenos Aires! See more of our favorite experiences in Buenos Aires…

San Telmo Market Buenos Aires

San Telmo Market has everything you need (and don’t!)

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