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We’re a great blend of North Americans, South Americans and Europeans who all ended up living abroad. Since we believe just going somewhere isn’t really travel, we’ve made it our collective mission to turn your trips into “above and beyond” experiences.

We live in the destinations we offer! That means we know the differences between a typical tourist package and how the locals enjoy what their country has to offer. We send you to our own favorite restaurants, tell you when to visit Machu Picchu or Patagonia to avoid crowds, and put you in the same hotels we recommend to our visiting mamas.


Anyone can book you a flight to Central or South America. We build custom trips based on the type of experience you want. See what you’re made of crossing mountain landscapes, watch your child’s face light up on the beach, or work your way through a continent of mouthwatering food. There are many ways to enjoy each destination! Just tell us what you want.

Why Choose Class Adventure Travel?

Amita Guha
from the United States to Brazil, Argentina & Peru

Dear CAT Travel,

Thank you for a superb vacation in Brazil, Argentina and Peru. I had weeks of discussions before finalizing our trip and your suggestions and tips were invaluable and helped me ...

Annalena Burbridge
from the United States to Argentina

Dear CAT Travel,

We had a most wonderful time in Argentina. Working with Marcos was a real joy.  He proved to be very helpful and knowledgeable about his product ...

Choy Ping & Anne
from Singapore to Brazil & Peru

Dear Sarah & JP,

Thank you for arranging such a wonderful itinerary for us. We enjoyed the tour very much especially the good hotels, wonderful guides you have assigned ...

Christella & Gloria Ritchwood
from the United States to Peru

Dear Marc,

My mother and I just returned from Peru and we had a fabulous time! I have travelled many places and I have to say it was the ...

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Meet Your Guides

U.S. and Latin American Offices

Our seven offices across the U.S. and Latin America allow us to be in the destinations we offer.

Travel Experts

Marc Harrison
Marc Harrison is Class Adventure Travel’s Team Leader, overseeing the CAT Travel destination specialists right across South America. Originally from Austin, Texas, he has spent the past ten years working his way down through Latin America, exploring nearly all of the countries in the region along the way. His career in the travel industry began in Peru, living in both Lima and Cusco for a couple of years each. He is now based out of beautiful Buenos Aires where he spends much of his time enjoying the capital’s many restaurants. He continues to travel as much as possible, along with his dog Shelby, and always finds time to take a break in Brazil, especially in his favorite city, Rio de Janeiro.
    • Favorite Destinations: Rio de Janeiro, Iguazú Falls, Cusco
    Juliana Loaiza Gonzalez
    Juliana was born in Colombia's beautiful coffee producing city of Manizales and grew up in the country's bustling capital city of Bogotá. After graduating from university, she started working in tourism and became a tour leader taking small groups of travelers to the most popular destinations of South America and covering the length and breadth of Bolivia, Chile and Peru. When she went to Buenos Aires for the first time in 2008 she fell in love with the city, and 6 months later she moved there and worked tailoring tours to Patagonia and Antarctica, specializing in customer service and sales. While enjoying her time in Argentina, she also led tours across the country taking small groups of travelers to see the highlights of the country and used the opportunity to also travel in Brazil, working for 3 consecutive years in the Rio Carnival. Soon after her return to Bogotá in 2013, she showed her love and knowledge of Colombia as a local guide doing historical tours in Bogotá, Guatavita Lagoon and the Salt Cathedral in Zipaquirá. She continued showing her passion for tourism working in a small travel agency before joining Class Adventure Travel where, she now has the opportunity to help Class Adventure Travel passengers have a unique experience and explore the best of Latin America.
      • Favorite Destinations:  The Coffee Region, Tayrona National Park, Patagonia
      Ariel Molho
      Born and bred like a true Porteño in Argentina’s capital of Buenos Aires, Ariel’s love for travel started at a young age when he began working in the travel industry while studying Tourism and Hotel Management. While working on one of the world’s finest cruise ships, Ariel visited multiple countries across the world which only fed his desire and passion for learning about new cultures and languages.  Joining Class Adventure Travel just shy of a decade ago, Ariel has since been creating unforgettable travel experiences for our travelers. Having traveled from the Caribbean Coast of Colombia down to the southernmost tip of Argentina and Chile’s Patagonia; the golden beaches of Rio to the incredible Ecuador; Ariel has pretty much covered all of the major destinations in South America. He feeds his love for the outdoors as much as visiting ancient ruins or a museum as well as, blending in with the locals by trying to combine outdoor activities with leisure time while also soaking up the local culture.
        • Favorite Destinations: Iguazu Falls, Humahuaca Gorge, Tayrona National Park, Rio de Janeiro
        Juan Pablo Salcedo
        Born and raised in Lima, Peru, JP grew up studying at a German high school and later went on to enroll at Purdue University in the United States where he earned a degree in economics. After graduation JP returned to Peru and traveled extensively around his home country and the entire continent. He has been involved in the travel industry ever since. Being an economist and an adventurer JP is passionate about development opportunities in Latin America, and strongly believes that travel and tourism can be a major force for good in this process. He is fluent in English, German and Spanish, which allows him to share his passion with people from all over the world. His main hobby is to watch and play sports, especially tennis and soccer, and he never passes up the opportunity for a kick about while on his travels around South America. His dream is to one day see the Peruvian national team play in the World Cup.
          • Favorite Destinations: The Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, Buenos Aires
          Marcos Wolff
          Hailing from Argentina, Marcos caught the travel bug young and has explored extensively right across South America. After studying tourism at the University of Salvador, Marcos went on to organize and lead tours all over Argentina, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil and Uruguay, and he has been doing so for nigh-on ten years now. Often led by his taste buds, Marcos is passionate about food, a keen amateur chef and a fountain of knowledge on local cuisines. Wherever your trip takes you he'll have a tip or two to impart, be it an off-the-beaten-path attraction, his opinion on the the best street food in Bahia or where to find the ultimate Patagonian lamb house in Calafate. His next great passion, and one that goes well with his first, is hiking, and Marcos knows the trails of Patagonia like the back of his hand. Always the explorer and never one to sit still for long he likes to discover something new about each destination he visits, be it a recipe, a new hiking trail or a local tradition. Marcos loves meeting new people and sharing his knowledge, his recipes and his enthusiasm for his beloved South America.
            • Favorite Destinations: Puerto Madryn, Peninsula Valdes, Torres del Paine
            Alex Radtke
            While Alex will always feel a close connection to the grand old state of Texas, she knew early on that travel was her passion and purpose. That’s why she headed off to school at American University in Washington, DC to study International Relations. She wanted to travel the world and still does, but her passion became a little more focused once she studied abroad in Costa Rica for a year. Nothing like pura vida, tropical beaches and volcanoes in the distance to make an impression. Since then she’s fallen even more deeply in love with the region by traveling to Peru, Brazil and Panama to visit friends. Now,soaking up the glorious food and culture of Buenos Aires has also given her the chance to further her travels in South America. Latin America is where her heart is and she loves sharing that passion with CAT clients.
              • Favorite Destinations: Nicoya Peninsula, Tortuguero & Arenal volcano surrounding
              Laryssa Toroshenko
              As CAT’s only Canadian team member, Laryssa is proud to have bridged the Americas North to South! As a child, Laryssa developed her passion for travel by the dozens of road trips taken with her parents and younger sister in their 1988 Chevy Pacemaker van. Having seen all of Canada’s 6000kms - coast to coast - she set her sights on...the rest of world! With its incredible bio diversity and cultural variety, Laryssa has been particularly captivated by Latin America for the past 2.5 years. She spent 6 months backpacking across the continent before finally settling in the magical Argentine capital of Buenos Aires. Here she spends her days improving her Spanish, venturing into Portuguese, cooking her way through South America’s immense gastronomy and tasting every Malbec she can get her hands on! Laryssa dreams of one day making the pilgrimage back to Canada by land, exploring the flavours and rhythms of Central America along the way...
                • Favorite Destinations: Argentina wine regions (Mendoza & Cafayate), Buenos Aires

                Customer Care

                Vania Braga
                Born and raised in Peru’s capital of Lima, Vania studied Tourism and Hospitality Management at the University of San Martin de Porres where she focused on her passions for traveling, creativity and interpersonal relationships. Opportunities in life took her down the road of hospitality; however she never turned away from her passion for traveling as she continued to visit new places around the world. After living in Cusco for a year and a half, Vania decided it was time to broadening her horizons and concentrate on what she loved by participating in a training program in Hospitality Management in Stanford, California where she lived for a year. She joined Class Adventure Travel as the Customer Care Supervisor where she is able to share her previous travel experiences and local knowledge with travelers and most importantly offer a high quality of service. With a keen eye for detail and always calm under pressure Vania makes sure that your travel experience runs like clockwork.
                  • Favorite Destinations: Rio de Janeiro, Mendoza, Bariloche, the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu
                  Claudia Fernandez
                  CUSTOMER CARE SUPPORT
                  Claudia has had the terrific opportunity to travel across her country, continent and its surroundings. Leaving behind the plains and the mountain ranges of Venezuela, Claudia traveled through Colombia, Brazil and Uruguay until she fell in love with Argentina and the city of Buenos Aires. A lover of languages and cultures, she enjoys working in a diverse environment that allows her to be creative and helpful, which is exactly what she found at Class Adventure Travel. Every time the weather allows it, you'll find her kayaking, climbing or enjoying the great outdoors, and if everything else fails, there's always room for a laugh, at a local stand-up comedy club.
                    • Favorite Destinations: Rio de Janeiro, Cusco, Machu Picchu, El Calafate
                    Sarah Page Maxwell
                    CUSTOMER CARE SUPPORT
                    Sarah Page has always loved to travel, which is why she found herself uprooting her previous life in the United States to purse that wanderlust in South America. After some time honing her travel skills around Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil, she chose to settle in the lovely Buenos Aires. Sarah Page took some time to get to know the city and it's people teaching English for a while, and then found a home at Class Adventure Travel coordinating trips for all you lucky people! In her spare time you can find her eating and cooking her way through the city or, conversely, at a yoga class.
                      • Favorite Destinations: Morro de Sao Paulo, Chapada Diamantina, Rio de Janiero, Patagonia


                      Max Gruber
                      Originally from Manchester in the United Kingdom, Max is the only British team member and often encourages the rest of the team to join him for a spot of afternoon tea. He first gained experience in online marketing working for a digital marketing agency in the UK before working in Buenos Aires as a Marketing and Social Media Assistant and freelance content writer for clients in the USA, UK and Argentina. His longing for facturas and the warm weather among other things was too much, and Max moved back to Buenos Aires after graduating and joined Class Adventure Travel. Max ensures that the online communication is engaging and works closely with the Customer Care Team making sure that the overall customer experience is seamless and meets expectations from beginning to end. Passionate about all things to do with online marketing and travel, Max loves bringing the destinations in Latin America to life through social media, travel articles, newsletters and engaging content. In his free time, Max enjoys running and playing football (soccer), and whenever possible he loves to travel and explore the different cultures, food and traditions of a destination.
                        • Favorite Destinations: Cartagena, Machu Picchu, Bariloche
                        Oona Farchy
                        MARKETING INTERN
                        Raised in a bilingual family, Oona has spent most of her life hopping between the multicultural cities of London and Paris. She pursued her love for languages by studying German and Spanish at Cambridge University in the UK. Oona's determination to travel the world sprouted from her enthusiasm to interact with people and discover new cultures. She became particularly captivated by Latin American culture when she traveled in Central America, from Costa Rica all the way up to Mexico. Some highlights of her trips included zip wiring across the tropical forest canopy in Costa Rica, swimming with stingrays and sharks on a snorkeling tour in Belize and exploring the ancient ruins of Tikal in Guatemala. As a part of her University third year abroad, Oona has moved to Buenos Aires to join the international team of Class Adventure Travel. She will be working within the Marketing department and closely with the Customer Care Team to help optimize online communication and personalize the customer experience.
                          • Favorite Destinations: Buenos Aires, Monteverde, Tikal

                          Peru & Bolivia Manager

                          Matilde Miranda
                          REGION MANAGER FOR PERU AND BOLIVIA
                          Born and raised in Lima, Matilde has a deep connection with Peru and neighboring Bolivia, and understands the two countries better than most. She initially studied medicine in the Dominican Republic before switching career and returning to Lima to study tourism. Matilde started out as a trainee at CAT Travel and her talents were clearly visible from the start. It wasn't long before she began to take on more and more responsibility, working her way up to Region Manager. Matilde believes that traveling is all about experience, and great travel experiences come from discovering new cultures. She loves her culture and she loves the fact that through her work she gets to share it with others. Matilde's energy and warmth make her a fantastic Region Manager and an invaluable member of the CAT Travel team.
                            • Favorite Destinations: Colca Canyon, The Inca Trail, Cusco

                            Cusco Operations

                            Rossie Meza
                            Operations Executive - Cusco
                            Rossie was born and raised in Cusco where her passion for travel and tourism started early. In 2000 she graduated as a Professional Tour Guide from the Tupac Amaru Institute, and went on to complete courses in English at the ICPNA Institute. Rossie then began giving guided group tours, her first being along the famous Inca Trail. Rossie also traveled extensively around the United States improving her knowledge of the country, as well as fortifying her English language skills. She knew that the experience would hold her in good stead for her career in tourism by helping her to communicate and share her culture with more people. Rossie continues to work as a guide as well as functioning as CAT's Operations Executive in Cusco. Rossie loves her work, her country and her culture and concentrates her efforts on providing all visitors with an unforgettable Peru travel experience.
                              • Favorite Destinations: Machu Picchu and Cusco

                              Argentina & Chile Manager

                              Silvina Pereiro
                              Region Manager Argentina and Chile
                              Silvina started exploring her home country, Argentina, as a child, and over the years her fascination with travel grew and she developed a passion for getting to know different places and people. After high school Silvina studied Tourism and Hotel Management in Buenos Aires and during her last year of university joined an internship program in France. Silvina says that this incredible experience gave her the chance to get to know people from all over the world, and reinforced her love for intercultural exchange and travel. Following her internship in France, Silvina worked in hotels in two of Argentina's most important travel destinations - Puerto Iguazu and Bariloche. Following her graduation she started working for an incoming tour operator in Buenos Aires where she remained for four years before joining Class Adventure Travel where her professional attitude and enthusiasm were well received. Silvina is now Class Adventure Travel's Group Manager. Silvina likes to use her spare time to travel as much as she possible, especially within her home country.
                                • Favorite Destinations: Salta, Antarctica, Iguazú Falls

                                Brazil Manager

                                Montserrat Neira
                                Region Manager Brazil
                                After studying to become a travel agent at Belgrano University in Buenos Aires she worked in several different areas of the travel industry from agencies and hotels to within corporate groups. Montse truly enjoys working in an industry that is undergoing constant change and its adaptation allows for continuous learning. Being in contact with people, inspiring them to learn about new destinations, and assisting them to have the best possible travel experience is just one of the highlights she has found while working in the travel industry. Montse believes that travel is one of the best investments a person can make for their personal development, providing enriching memories that one can enjoy for a lifetime. Traveling to Rio de Janeiro, Montse fell in love with the ‘Marvelous City’ and in August 2014, she made her travel freams a reality moving from the Class Adventure Travel team in Buenos Aires to become the Regional Manager in Brazil.
                                  • Favorite Destinations: Cusco, Salta, Morro de Sao Paulo

                                  Costa Rica Manager

                                  Eleonore Smits
                                  Region Manager Central America
                                  Born and raised in Amsterdam, the multi-cultural capital of The Netherlands, Eleonore’s fascination with getting to know different cultures and people instantly grew as she developed a great passion for travel, especially in Spanish speaking countries. At the age of fifteen, she developed a deep connection with Costa Rica, and nowadays being married to a Tico, truly loves and understands the country better than most. She studied Culture, Organization & Management in the Netherlands, but already during her studies spent most of her time in Central America. Eleonore started working in tourism as a travel guide, which made her able to work in close contact with people. After having her son, she transitioned to the Central America Regional Manager position for CAT Travel. With all of her valuable inside knowledge of the region and a good understanding of the unforgettable experience our clients seek, she is a great asset to our CAT Travel team. Her drive is to help CAT clients get the best quality and service possible and give them a real taste of that Pura Vida feeling.
                                    • Favorite Destinations: Puerto Viejo, Rincon de la Vieja, Osa Peninsula

                                    Colombia Manager

                                    Zoraida Battiston
                                    COLOMBIA REGIONAL MANAGER
                                    Zoraida studied Marketing and Merchandising in Colombia's capital city of Bogota at the Politecnico Grancolombiano University. With over 15 years experience working in tourism, Zoraida is passionate about promoting Colombia's stunning destinations, culture and history. When Class Adventure Travel expanded its travel services to include Colombia, Zoraida joined the team and began working her way up to become the Regional Manager where she has been able to thrive and share her passion for travel to Colombia.
                                      • Favorite Destinations: Cartagena, Coffee Triangle, Tayrona National Park