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Encounter Easter Island

The massive Moai megaliths of Easter Island
7 days starting at $999/Person

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This adventure brings you face to face with Santiago de Chile’s authentic highlights and the mystery of Easter Island. Santiago de Chile’s rich history is fascinating and, the tiny speck of Easter Island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with its Moai Statues and mysterious Birdman Cult is nothing short of an inspiring travel experience.

Our local specialists and tour guides have designed and dialed in all the secret stops that any local would approve of.

What you can expect in every tour:

  • Choose any date, all tours have daily departures
  • Hand picked guides specialized for every excursion
  • 7 regional offices with 24/7 in country support
  • Transfers with English guide to/from all airports
  • Local specialists who live and guide the destination
  • Personal dining recommendations for food lovers
  • Incredibly comfortable authentic accommodations

What you will experience in a day of travel

Easter Island at Sunrise

Temples & Moais

Ranu Raraku Mine


Ahu Tahai Sunset


7 Day Travel Itinerary

Our tours depart any day of the year, there are no fixed departure dates. It’s really simply, we’ve designed some of the best experiences that cover your “bucket list” must see stuff in each destination. You can trust in our 20 years of experience, that everything will run just like clockwork.

Days 1-4

Santiago de Chile

View Travel Guide for Santiago de Chile

  • Tour Santiago’s past and present: Plaza de Armas & Government Palace.
  • Day trip to the picturesque Pacific Coastal towns of Valparaiso & Viña del Mar.
  • Optional activities include Chilean wines tour, Colchagua Valley and more.

Your tour of Chile’s capital will take you through the history of the country from the time of Pinochet to the present day as you take in the famous Plaza de Armas, Government Palace, and Metropolitan Cathedral. Explore the quaint and colorful seaside town of Valparaiso & the so-called ‘Garden City’ of Viña del Mar situated on Chile’s stunning Pacific Coast

Days 4-7

Easter Island

View Travel Guide for Easter Island

  • Explore Polynesian culture on the remotest inhabited island in the world!
  • Enjoy the white sand and Moai Statues on Anakena Beach.
  • Visit the Birdman ceremonial site of Orongo Village.

Although smaller than the Federal District of Washington, Easter Island packs a punch with its blossoming Polynesian culture, rich Birdman Cult history, 900 mysterious Moai Statues and 300 Ahu ceremonial platforms. With white sandy beaches backed by palm trees, azure waters, dormant volcanoes, magnificent sunsets and mystery surrounding much of the Island’s history; Easter Island provides a travel experience like nowhere else in the world!

Hotels & Pricing

(price estimate for 2 people traveling together)

We have over 20 years experience building relationships with a short list of some of the best hotels and guides in Central & South America, from 7 regional offices in Latin America. Let us know your travel dates and destination preferences, and we’ll match you with YOUR PERFECT Latin America experience. 

Private Guided Tours, Hotels, & Prices
Option 1: Comfort
$1,269 /person
Private guided tours Private guided tours
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Option 2: Superior
$2,159 /person
Private guided tours Private guided tours
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Option 3: Luxury
$4199 /person
Private guided tours Private guided tours
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Save Money by Traveling in Group Excursions
Your tour can depart on any day of the year, the group tours are more economical and based on a price estimate below including simple “Classic” bed & breakfast accommodations, these hotels can be upgraded upon request. Each day you will join to meet new travelers at each destination, and a highly specialized guide for every excursion. Individuals traveling alone will not be sharing accommodation or transfers, and should expect a 30-40% increase in the per person price.

All prices online are based on 2 people traveling together, discounts available if you are more than 2 traveling together.

$999 /person
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Class Adventure Travel gets you the best Latin America has to offer!

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