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Top 5 National Parks in Argentina for Your Road Trip through South America


Top 5 National Parks in Argentina

Argentina covers an enormous area and therefore has some of the most diverse landscapes and climates in the world within its borders. Here are 5 of the most impressive national parks in Argentina.

5. Talampaya

Think of a smaller version of the Grand Canyon, almost without visitors blocking your views and you get why this is a must see. Impressive ancient petroglyphs and natural rock formations that have been shaped by the centuries to resemble the forms of giant turtles and monks make these 830 square miles a very worthwhile visit.

(La Rioja Province)

National Parks in Argentina

Talampaya Canyon

4. Ischigualasto

Though technically only a provincial park, this UNESCO world heritage site with its eery landscape and petrified trees, better known as the “Valley of the Moon”, is the world’s finest location for fossil hunting with some of the oldest known dinosaur remains known to man. Close to Talampaya (see above) making for a great combination trip.

(San Juan Province)

National Parks in Argentina

Ischigualasto Park

3. Nahuel Huapi

The oldest national park in Argentina, founded in 1934, surrounding the biggest and deepest (1,400 ft) clear water lake in the country. A popular hiking and boating destination, it’s also one of the main winter sport destinations with perfect slopes surrounding the lake, especially near the city of Bariloche, located on its southern shore.

(Rio Negro and Neuquén Provinces)

National Parks in Argentina

Nahuel Huapi


2. Los Glaciares

The second largest park in Argentina, named for the 47 glaciers that are fed by the largest icecap outside of Antarctica. The most famous is the Perito Moreno glacier that is reachable over land and a popular place for hiking. The park also houses more than a 1,000 different species of birds.

(Santa Cruz Province)

National Parks in Argentina

Los Glaciares


1. Iguazu Falls

The most famous of them all, the Iguazu waterfalls (“cataratas”) are by most definitions the largest in the world, lying amidst the tropical rainforests on the borders with Paraguay and Brazil. Easy and short daily flights from downtown Buenos Aires make this one of the most popular side trips for people visiting Argentina’s capital.

(Missiones Province) 

National Parks in Argentina

Iguazu Falls


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