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Discover the best of northern Brazil

Discover the best of northern Brazil

Brazil’s northeastern state of Bahia is where the seemingly opposite, classic Portuguese architecture and vibrant African culture collide to create a fascinating and truly unique blend.  This special melting pot of culture, architecture and traditions come together in the jewel-box of the colonial city of Salvador de Bahia. Here, the cobblestone streets and stunning colonial architecture acts as the backdrop to capoeira dances and, houses the restaurants that serve up the best of the country’s Afro-Brazilian food. Outside of the city of Salvador is the spectacular Chapada Diamantina National Park where you’ll be staring in awe at high-rise waterfalls, hike to the top of tabletop mountains to watch the sunset and dive into crystal clear pools in the heart of a cave. With all this adventure, the region offers up some of Brazil’s best beaches which can be enjoyed from the quaint town of Morro de São Paulo which is nothing short of a tropical paradise.

Salvador da Bahia

Northern Brazil is the heart of Brazil’s Afro-Brazilian culture

Experiencing Salvador de Bahia

Tying together the vibrant and rich Portuguese and African history and cultures, the town of Salvador de Bahia on Brazil’s northeastern coast is considered the jewel and center of Brazil’s Afro-Brazilian heritage. Read more about Salvador de Bahia…

Pelourinho, Salvador da Bahia

Salvador de Bahia’s vibrancy is reflected in its architecture

Exploring the Chapada Diamantina National Park

As well as having a picture-perfect coastline where pristine beaches are backed by swaying palm trees, the region of Bahia also has a number of treasures further inland. Read more about the Chapada Diamantina National Park…

Explore Chapada Diamantina's mesmerizing caves

Explore Chapada Diamantina’s mesmerizing caves

Paradise in Morro de São Paulo

Morro de São Paulo is one of five surreal villages on the island of Tinharé. The beautiful Mediterranean-esque village in northeastern Brazil is famous for its calm atmosphere, being vehicle-free and of course its heavenly beaches. Read more about Morro de São Paulo…

Morro de São Paulo

Relax on Morro de São Paulo’s heavenly beaches

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