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Experiencing Salvador de Bahia

Experiencing Salvador de Bahia

Tying together the vibrant and rich Portuguese and African history and cultures, the town of Salvador de Bahia on Brazil’s northeastern coast is considered the jewel and center of Brazil’s Afro-Brazilian heritage. At the center of the city, in the Pelourinho, the colorful, colonial charm of the city is at its best and it’s this unadorned beauty and vibrancy that makes Salvador’s energy hard to match. The Afro-Brazilian culture runs thick through every cobblestone street in the city and can be heard in the lively music from the bars; seen in the capoeira shows in the street or, enjoyed in mouthwatering food served in Salvador’s quaint restaurants. Once the capital of Portugal’s vast New World colony and, as the center of Brazil’s slave trade; the city of Salvador is steeped in history. You’ll find it hard not to be captivated by the city’s exuberance, extraordinary architecture, historical presence and Carnival atmosphere. The latter is especially true if you visit Salvador de Bahia during the month of February where more than 2 million people come to the city to experience the most authentic Carnival celebrations in Brazil. Surrounded by the city’s exquisite 17th and 18th century architecture, the streets of Salvador are filled with traditional parades, dances and music that pay homage to Salvador’s African roots. Read more about the highlights of northern Brazil…

Pelourinho, Salvador da Bahia

Salvador de Bahia’s vibrancy is reflected in its architecture

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