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Carnival in Salvador de Bahia

Salvador de Bahia Carnival Celebrations

Salvador de Bahia in northern Brazil is the heart of the country’s Afro-Brazilian culture and there is no getting away from the African infusion and influence that is so deeply ingrained in Brazilian culture. Carnival has adopted these samba rhythms, extravagant costumes and breath-taking parades. Along with the Carnival celebrations in Rio de Janeiro, Salvador de Bahia has one of the largest Carnivals in Brazil with more than 2 million people filling the charming colonial streets of the city in February. The Salvador Carnival is however very different to the Rio Carnival as music and spontaneity rule with ‘trios elétricos’ (electrically amplified bands playing atop trucks with speakers attached), ‘Blocos Afros’ and ‘Afoxes’. Salvador’s Carnival therefore has a greater variety of music and rhythms than those found at the Carnival in Rio and each year is unique as the city has a designated theme for that year’s Carnival, and is decorated accordingly. See more of the best places to celebrate Carnival in South America…

Salvador de Bahia Carnival

Watch the Carnival parade up close in the streets of Salvador de Bahia / Source

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