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Carnival in Ouro Preto

Brazil’s Popular Carnival in Ouro Preto

Located a 5.5 hour drive north of Rio de Janeiro is the UNESCO Historic Town of Ouro Preto in the region of Minas Gerais. This is one of the fastest growing Carnival celebrations in Brazil with more and more travelers soaking up the beauty of this town before enjoying the lively atmosphere of Carnival. The Carnival celebrations in Ouro Preto are influenced by both the Rio Carnival and the Carnival in Salvador, and although there is no Sambadrome, the town has become well-known for its ‘blocos carnavalescos’. Throughout the town you’ll be able to hear and enjoy the live music produced by the many, local brass and percussion bands that work their way through the charming streets of Ouro Preto. The Carnival celebrations in Ouro Preto generally attract a younger crowd as it is mostly visited by students who study at the nearby universities along with their friends. Here, the party goes on all day and all night, making it a perfect and unique place to experience Brazil’s Carnival spirit. See more of the best places to celebrate Carnival in South America…

Carnival in Ouro Preto

The Carnival in Ouro Preto has become more popular in recent years / Source

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