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Why Peru is perfect for every type of traveler

The South American country of Peru tops many traveler’s top destination lists, and is often lauded as a backpacker’s Mecca, hosting some of the best Peru tours South America has to offer. However, it is not just thrifty backpackers who come to Peru seeking some of the best travel experiences that the world has to offer, but also digital nomads, boutique and luxury tourists and adventurers of all stripes flock to this mythic nation in their droves. Peru has some of the most exciting bucket list destinations all within the confines of its borders, from sacred, ancient sites to cosmopolitan metropolises and stunning beaches. Peru has something to suit everyone, so we take a look at just some of the highlights that attract a wide variety of travelers all year round.

The hiker’s holy grail in the Peruvian Andes

Even the most seasoned hiker will be wowed by the surreal landscapes and otherworldly terrains of the Rainbow Mountain in the Peruvian Andes. At 16,000ft above sea level, scaling the heights up to Rainbow Mountain is not for the faint hearted, but the achievement of having conquered the altitude, and the reward of getting up close and personal with the coloured bands of this undulating landform is a personal triumph in itself. The mountain was hidden from tourists and locals alike for years because of a cap of ice and snow that melted to reveal this rainbow-like formation, known locally as Winnikunka.

Adventure and intrigue in the Peruvian Amazon

The Amazon is one of the most mysterious places on earth. Home to wild tribes that still have had relatively little contact with modern man, and the natural habitat for some of the most exotic animal species on the planet, the Amazon embodies the call of the wild for many people. There are numerous adventure lodges located in the heart of the jungle, from where you can set off to spot jaguar, cruise up the muddy waters of the world’s largest river and catch the infamous piranha, or stay and explore amongst the treetops in an elevated canopy tower.

Foodie heaven in Lima

Peruvian cuisine is fast becoming one of the most talked about in the world, and there is nowhere better to experience the unique flavours and ingredients of Peruvian food than in the capital, Lima. Lima is a dusty desert city that drops off a cliff into the sea at one side, but this bustling city is known for its gourmet selection of delicious dishes, whether they be traditional Andean offerings or more contemporary fusions of Peruvian and Japanese fare, Nikkei. Foodies from all corners of the world are spending more and more time in Lima, a destination that is most certainly up there on the global culinary map.

The sights and sounds of the Sacred Valley

Ancient trade routes, sacred sites and breathtaking landscapes – what more could you want from the Peruvian highlands? The inimitable Sacred Valley is home to all of these things and much more. Travelers of every description land in the regional hub of Cusco looking to experience the once in a lifetime journey to Machu Picchu, whether it’s by hiking the Inca Trail or breezing through the valley on the train to the summit. Stay overnight and see the sun rise over the verdant green peaks of this iconic mountain site.

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