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Visit Arequipa

Touring Arequipa

Peru’s second-largest city lives under the sleepy shadow of the snowy El Misti Volcano and the international attention given to Cusco and Machu Picchu. But through it’s past earthquakes and relatively light tourist traffic, the city dazzles. When it comes to culinary tradition, a rich colonial history, and an alluring confidence, Arequipa’s unbeatable. As far as touring what’s fondly referred to as the “White City” of the Peruvian Andes, don’t miss the Plaza de Armas, the Church of San Francisco, Yanahuara’s view of Arequipa under the clouds of the El Misti Volcano, and most importantly, the whitewashed walls and blue windowsills of the 400 year old Santa Catalina Convent. The city’s center, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, will leave you inspired and connected to traditions deeply rooted in the colonial past. Read more about Peru’s highlight destinations…

The drive into Arequipa.

The drive into Arequipa.

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