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Morro do Sao Paulo
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Morro do Sao Paulo at a glance

Anyone who is looking for a truly exotic tropical paradise need look no further than the idyllic island of Morro do Sao Paulo. Morro de Sao Paulo is just one of 26 islands in an Atlantic archipelago that is located about 60km away from Salvador de Bahia, and is one of the most coveted destinations in Brazil. Drawing visitors from all over the country and abroad, the island exudes everything you would expect from an island in one of the most beautiful places on earth. The island’s population is approximately 6,000, and with tourism being the main industry, the island dwellers are a mix of natives and foreigners who have chosen to make their home in paradise. Wandering the carless, sand-covered streets you will hear languages and accents from all over the world, making Morro de Sao Paulo a truly international destination.

Morro do Sao Paulo Bucket List - What not to miss!


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    What not to miss

    As you would expect, one of the most indulgent things to do here is to just lie on the beach, soak up the piercing Brazilian sun and cool off in the crystal clear waters of the Atlantic. However, there is a wealth of activities to do should you find yourself in need of something more to occupy your time. Treat yourself to a mud bath at the isolated Gamboa Beach, and come out refreshed, revitalised and looking and feeling ten years younger. Watersports enthusiasts will delight in the array of activities that can be done out at sea, whether you want to rent a kayak, paddleboard or jetski, the island has it all. Bring your snorkel and spend some time ducking and diving in the warm waters around the island, checking out the colourful fish under the surface of the ocean. Head to the Farol do Morro, the local island lighthouse, from where you can observe intense sunsets, and enjoy expansive panoramic views out over the ocean. Take the zipline back down, which will bring you whizzing by the coast back to the First Beach. The beaches on Morro de Sao Paulo are numbered, so it is easy for you to plan which one you want to spend the day on. For a day of pure tropical isolation, head to the Caita island located off the Third Beach. If you are in the mood for some VIP vibes, check out the resorts at Jericoacoara, Canoa Quebrada or Praia das Fontes, where you can indulge your luxurious side.


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    When to go

    For those seeking fun and nightlife, the best time to visit Morro de Sao Paulo is in the summer between December and March, when locals and travelers revel in the many parties that take place on the island. New Years and Carnaval in February/March are the busiest times, so if you are looking for a quieter vacation, it might be better to go out of high season. It is sunny almost all year round on the island, but the rains come in May, June and July, making it overcast on some days. The climate is usually hot and humid, with annual temperatures averaging around 24 ° C, sometimes reaching 30 ° C, but rarely dropping below 21 ° C.

    How to get there

    Visitors to Morro de Sao Paulo will arrive into Salvador’s Dois de Julho Airport, located 16 miles/25 km away from the city. As Morro de Sao Paulo is located 300km off the coast from Salvador, the only ways to reach it are by plane, by catamaran or by land and sea on a car ferry. This is the cheapest and most time consuming option, but just speak to one of our travel advisors and they can advise you on the best way to get to the island depending on your travel goals. Once you are on the island, you will be exploring it by foot, as no cars are allowed on the island. Sometimes you can hop on a local tractor, which brings tourists to harder to reach beaches.


    Upon arrival to Morro de Sao Paulo, you will make your way to the village’s main square, Aureliano O. Lima, which acts as something of a reference point on the island. There is a lot of accommodation in the village, as well as commercial units for shopping and booking tours. This is also where the nightlife happens, and at weekends the village really comes alive. Guest houses, or pousadas, proliferate on the island, but be aware that everything on Morro de Sao Paulo costs more than on mainland Brazil. There are numerous restaurants to cater to everyone’s tastes, and seafood is a staple on most menus. Carry a flashlight for getting around at night, as some areas have very little lighting.

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