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Brazil Honeymoon Ideas

Whether your ideal honeymoon includes culture, action and adventure, or simply the fail safe formula of sun, sea and sand, Brazil’s exotic charm and mile upon mile of tropical coastline are the perfect partnership. We’ve put together a list of ideas for some of the best Brazil honeymoon destinations.

Rio de Janeiro

The stunning cityscape of  Rio de Janeiro must be one of the most dramatic city views in the world, with verdant jungles, white sandy beaches and the sparkling blue Atlantic. The pace of life in the city is geared to pleasure with plenty of beach time, open air bars and a nightlife that gets started late and keeps going until morning. The seductive beats of samba, the beauty of the scenery (as well as the locals), along with some very fine caipirinhas, make a tour of Rio irresistible on your honeymoon in Brazil.

Romantic moment: Celebrate your Brazil honeymoon in style at one of Rio’s many fine restaurants – catch a boat to the island restaurant of Laguna in Barra or try the ten-course tasting menu at Roberta Sudbrack’s.

Recommended hotel: Enjoy your Brazil honeymoon with sea views at the Sol Ipanema hotel.

Rio de Janeiro


Back in the 60s Brigitte Bardot fell in love with Buzios and made it her second home, today it is a stylish coastal town with a picturesque waterfront, winding cobblestone streets and a well-heeled crowd of visitors and residents. With over twenty beaches to choose from and a sparkling bay of tropical islands, a vacation in Buzios offers the ultimate in beach bliss. Add to that chic boutiques, luxurious hotels and a sophisticated restaurant and bar scene, and your honeymoon in Brazil is made.

Romantic moment: Pick your favorite beach, kick off your shoes, sip on some fresh coconut milk and watch the sun set over a perfect tropical paradise – it doesn’t get much better than that.

Recommended hotel: The luxurious, stylish and beautifully designed Insolito Boutique hotel will make your Buzios Brazil honeymoon complete.


Bonito and the Pantanal

If you’re looking for a little more activity on your honeymoon in Brazil then the nature reserve of the vast pantanal tropical wetlands in the far west of the country is a good bet. Bonito is home to a sparkling river system of crystal clear waters perfect for snorkeling through, and the pantanal, with its striking natural diversity and stunning sunsets, can be explored by boat or on horseback. The peace and calm of this uninhabited expanse along with its spectacular wildlife make it an interesting, if slightly less conventional, Brazil honeymoon destination. See a tour taking in both Bonito and the Pantanal here.

Romantic moment: Traditionally honeymoon mornings will be spent in decadent lounging, but the pantanal is one place to make an exception. Experiencing the morning chorus will be a moment to remember, pour a cup of coffee and gaze at the horizon as the sky turns from indigo to gold to clear blue.

Recommended hotel: The Zagaia Eco Resort, complete with spa, swimming pool and a choice of restaurants will offer a touch of luxury on your pantanal Brazil honeymoon.

The Pantanal

Salvador & Bahia

The Bahia region in Brazil’s Northeast offers a striking variety of experiences for honeymooners who don’t want to spend the whole time frolicking on the beach. Salvador, with its beautifully preserved colonial buildings, strong Afro-Brazilian identity and evocative atmosphere is culturally fascinating, while swaying palm trees offset picture-perfect beaches along the surrounding coastline. Further inland is the spectacular Chapada Diamantina National Park where striking flat-topped mountains rise up over lush forested valleys alive with butterflies, parrots and monkeys. For an example tour taking in Bahia and Chapada Diamantina click here.

Romantic moment: Enjoy the splendor of nature together on your Brazil honeymoon and hike to the highest waterfall in the country. Cachoeira da Fumaca plunges 400m down into a verdant valley from the plateau above – climb to the top and watch the rainbows.

Recommended hotel: Get a slice of history on your Brazil honeymoon at the Pestana Convento do Carmo, housed in a beautifully converted convent.

Chapada Diamantina

The Amazon Rainforest

One of the richest eco-systems in the world, the vast expanse of the Brazilian Amazon is home to a kaleidoscope of tropical bird, plant and animal life. A jungle expedition may be an unusual choice for a honeymoon, but if you’re looking for a unique experience and a glimpse at a whole other way of life this could be the perfect addition to your honeymoon in Brazil. The skill and knowledge of your guides, the breathtaking array of wildlife, and the calm of escaping the modern world to glide down rainforest rivers and fall asleep to the sounds of the forest, will make for an unforgettable Amazon trip.

Romantic moment: If swinging in a hammock doesn’t do it for you then Cruise down-stream in five-star luxury on the Iberostar Amazon Cruise tour.

Brazilian Amazon

Ilha Grande

The archetypal tropical island, Ilha Grande has it all – white sandy beaches, sparkling blue bays, lush, jungle covered slopes and plenty of sunshine and palm trees. With development kept strictly in check the island’s bio-diversity has been very well preserved over the years and its waters and forests are home to thriving coral reefs, tropical fish, penguins and abundant wildlife. The absence of cars on the island makes for a tranquil paradise setting for your Brazil honeymoon, relax in a hammock and listen to the sounds of the sea as gentle breezes rustle the palms on a vacation in Ilha Grande.

Romantic moment: Follow one of the many quiet trails that crisscross the island, through pristine jungle and crystal clear waterfalls to find your perfect beach.

Recommended hotel: Accessible only via boat or jungle trail the Estrelha da Ilha Eco Hotel offers the ultimate Brazil honeymoon retreat.

Ilha Grande

Iguazu Falls

The mighty Iguazu Falls span the border between  Argentina and Brazil and consist of over 250 separate falls thundering into churning rapids amidst a verdant sub-tropical forest alive with birds, butterflies and plant life. The falls are some of the most spectacular in the world rivaling both Victoria and Niagara in terms of scale. Suspended walkways offer amazing views from above and alongside, and boat trips take you through river systems to the thundering Devil’s Throat falls cascading down over 80 meters from the plateau above. A trip to Iguazu Falls, one of the new seven wonders of the world, is an essential part of any vacation in Brazil.

Romantic moment: Take a helicopter flight over the  falls and enjoy the splendor of the aerial views with a glass of chilled champagne.

Recommended hotel: Located right alongside Iguazu Falls the Hotel das Cataratas will ensure a dramatic setting for your honeymoon in Brazil.

Iguazu Falls

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