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Brazilian Amazon
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Brazilian Amazon at a glance

The Amazon Rainforest, by far one of the most exotic and enigmatic places on earth. Known to almost everyone from a young age because of its fame as the world’s largest river, the Amazon and its rainforest draw thousands of travelers and adventurers to Brazil every year to explore the mysterious brown waters of the river and its surrounding lush jungle. The rainforest is an intensely diverse biosphere and is home to more known plant and animal species on the planet, new flora and fauna being discovered in the Amazon all the time. Almost 20% of all the world’s species are found in the enormous rivers and jungles of Amazonia, the region’s correct name, and visitors can encounter everything from insects to alligators, pink dolphins, giant otters, macaws, anacondas and jaguars, as well as amphibians, reptiles, mammals, fish, birds, and plants that are unmatched anywhere else on earth. While the array of wild and plant life is vast, the Amazon has, by contrast, one of the smallest concentrations of human population in the world, and in some places the rainforest is still inhabited by lost indigenous tribes who are miraculously isolated from the outside world.


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What lodges not to miss

Juma Amazon Lodge Top

While en route to the lodge you’ll experience the Meeting of the Waters, reaching the Juma Lodge which stands on stilts facing Juma Lake. When the river water level rises, the lodge is protected as the cabins are elevated. ​The lodge hosts huts both facing the jungle and superior huts facing the lakeside, sitting among the treetops at around 15 meters above the river below, all offering total privacy. All rooms have a private bathroom, fan, and balcony. The lodge is fully integrated into the surrounding forest, where travelers are surrounded by the sounds and wildlife of the Amazon.​​

Anavilhanas Amazon Lodge Top

Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge is much smaller than other lodges in the areas offering a much more exclusive experience in the heart of the Amazon rainforest of Brazil. Anavilhanas resides in the world’s largest freshwater archipelago, meeting the black waters of the Rio Negro and the ambient wildlife, damp air, and the mysterious Amazon Jungle. The lodges packages were designed for a more exclusive and personal Amazon experience, filled with breathtaking landscapes and vivid wildlife experiences, all guests leave the Amazon with the knowledge of a unique and intriguing reality, contemplating not only wildlife and nature, but also the people, cultures, and societies of the wild.

Amazon Eco Park Amazon Lodge Top

​Located at the Tarumã river bank, a tributary of the Rio Negro, the Amazon Ecopark Lodge resides 1 hour by boat from the city of Manaus. The lodge boasts a river beach and Amazon ecosystem with seasonal water levels. During May, June, and July – the high waters – the beach may be covered with water. During the low water season of September through December, several fresh, clear water streams run through the area and over 6 miles of jungle trails with different types of vegetation, including virgin forest, savanna and flooded forest areas with enormous trees, exotic orchids, medicinal plants and birds of different species.

Iberostar Grand Amazon Cruise Top

The Iberostar Grand Amazon cruise is an unforgettable encounter with Brazil’s Amazon region, with luxurious comfort and renown as one of the most incredible cruise ship experiences anywhere on the Amazon. During your Amazon exploration, the ship makes various stops to explore the Amazon Rainforest in more depth, by using small boats for adventurers exploring the jungle’s untouched vegetation, learning about the tropical trees, plants and exotic animal species of the region. Despite the remoteness of the destination, travelers have access to all the facilities of a luxury cruise liner, with over 74 fully-equipped cabins, exclusive bars, a choice of two restaurants, a wide range of entertainment activities, a conference room for conventions, a convenience store, no fewer than two swimming pools, a Jacuzzi, disco, massage room, gym and more! The vessel is also unique in that it has a wheelchair accessible cabin and an elevator to all floors making it the best Amazon cruise option for those with disabilities.


This section is a quick overview to help in planning your trip to Amazon (Manaus).

When to go

The Brazilian Amazon rainforest is one of the wettest places on the planet, hence its apt title. Rain will appear in some form or another on average 200 days out of the year, so expect to encounter some at least once on your trip. Given its location on the equator, the temperature is relatively consistent throughout the day, giving little respite when it goes from around 86˚F (30˚C) during the day to 72˚F (22˚C) at night. Visiting the rainforest is made more difficult in rainy season between December and May, with flooding and high waters common throughout the region, but this influx of water makes it very beautiful between April and June and also creates the perfect conditions in which to see the most amount of wildlife. The driest months are July, August, and September, and this concentrates the animals in smaller areas, making them easier to spot. It is worth staying in Manaus in April and May when the opera festival takes place.

How to get there

Manaus’ airport receives flights from most major Brazilian cities, making it relatively easy to access. All domestic flights and transfers will be arranged for you as part of your itinerary, so just speak to our travel experts, and they can advise you on the best route. The flight into Manaus itself is quite an experience, as you will know you have reached the Amazon when you fly above the lush jungle canopy which at times is broken by the immense rivers that abound in this unique region. Transport, once you are in the rainforest, is mostly by boat, as the rivers act as roads and are used to transport people and goods. Most of the tours into the jungle start from Manaus, and these will be included in your itinerary if you wish to undertake one as part of your travel plan.


Manaus has plenty to offer travelers, from high-end hotels to budget accommodation. However, people who want to visit the Amazon will not stay in Manaus for long, instead venturing deep into the jungle where they will stay in rustic huts and cabins, or eco-lodges with canopy walks and state of the art amenities. Given the remote nature of much of the accommodation in the Amazon, food options are more limited that in more populated areas, but luckily a lot of the food on offer in the jungle lodges is flavorsome and uses local produce. Manaus has a wider variety of restaurants catering to more international tastes. If you plan on visiting the island of Parintins for its Boi-Bumbá festival, make sure and tell one of our travel experts, as they will need to book accommodation well in advance as this is a hectic period in the area.

Tour Packages to the Amazon in Manaus

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