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Touring Colca Canyon

Explore Colca Canyon

The southern river canyon boasts some of the best trekking, rafting, and wildlife in the world, because of the canyon’s unbelievable depth and overhead Andean condor. A trip to Colca isn’t all adrenaline packed activities either, much like art, its rugged scenery houses many authentically, naturally occurring Peruvian hallmarks. While ambling through the green valley or remote villages of Pichollo, Maca, and Yanque, don’t be surprised to find wild llamas or vicuñas wandering beside you and the brightly colored textiles so tied to Peruvian identity. To relax, head to the canyon’s natural hot springs spa or the peaceful Uyo Uyo ruins. At twice the depth of the famous Grand Canyon, Colca Canyon will defy your expectations, leaving you wide-eyed and wanting more. Read more about Peru’s highlight destinations…

Colca Canyon, Peru.

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