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The Best of Argentina

11 days starting at $2,529/Person

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This customizable itinerary takes you to explore the authentic highlights of Buenos Aires, the wilderness of Patagonia, the wines of Mendoza and, the beauty of Iguazu Falls. Buenos Aires’ tango culture will sweep you off your feet, Patagonia’s landscapes will take your breath away, the New World Wines of Mendoza will help you on your way to becoming a connoisseur and, the power and scale of the Natural World Wonder of Iguazu Falls will leave you amazed.

Our trip specialists and tour guides are located in the area; they’ll take care of planning activities, meals and secret stops that any local would approve of.

What to expect from every Class Adventure Travel Tour:

  • Private and small group guides who go at your own pace
  • Private shuttle and transfers, unless otherwise noted
  • Trip specialists and guides who really know and live in the area
  • Personal recommendations for authentic, local experiences
  • Incredibly comfortable accommodations without sacrificing authenticity
  • Flexible itineraries that can be customized as much or as little as you want

What you will experience in a day of travel

Breakfast in Buenos Aires

Private City Tour

Traditional Parrilla

Recoleta Walking Tour

Tango Dinner Show


11 Day Sample Itinerary

Want more days? Fewer days? Fewer waterfalls? More tango? Let us know! We do the planning just to make it easy on you, but the trip is all yours – we’ll add or subtract based on what matters most to you.

Days 1-3

Buenos Aires

  • Private tours of Buenos Aires’ finest architectural and historical highlights.
  • Gourmet dinner and tango show at the city’s finest tango venue.
  • Reserve a table at one of Buenos Aires’ top closed-door restaurants.

¡Hola, Argentina! Your private tour will introduce you to the heart of Buenos Aires’ culture, from the Casa Rosada government palace and the hustle and bustle of downtown Buenos Aires to the vibrant streets of La Boca, San Telmo and beyond. While planning the trip with your travel specialist, ask to reserve you a table at one of our favored closed-door restaurants (puertas cerradas)!

Days 3-6

El Calafate

  • Mini-trekking experience on top of the Perito Moreno Glacier.
  • Boat trip with exclusive views of the glaciers from the Captain’s Club VIP seats.
  • Cruise within touching distance to glaciers and icebergs on Lake Argentino.

Icebergs, mountains covered in glaciers, large open expanses of beautiful wilderness…welcome to Patagonia! With your crampons on, walk across the surface of the Perito Moreno Glacier; one of the only glaciers in the world that continues to grow! Watch and listen to the creaking masses of ice as your boat passes by the side of huge glaciers and icebergs from the comfort of the exclusive Captain’s Club VIP area.

Days 6-9


  • Taste & tour your way through Mendoza’s prized vineyards.
  • Visit an olive oil factory in the Maipu region & explore its delicate flavors.
  • Optional activities include horseback riding, hiking in the high Andes & more.

Explore Argentina’s main wine valleys at the foot of the Andes in Mendoza. The days are filled with wine tastings and gourmet meals as you discover the best of Argentina’s Malbecs, Cabernets and Bonardas. Wine is so much more than just a drink in Argentina with each bottle having a story behind it and you’ll be discovering all of this surrounded by the stunning landscape of the snow-capped peaks of the Andes.

Days 9-10

Iguazu Falls

  • Private, up-close tour of the Natural Wonder of Iguazu Falls.
  • Incredible boat ride adventure through, up to and around the waterfalls.
  • Add an extra day to include a tour of Brazil’s side of Iguazu Falls.

Dive straight into the action (not literally, unless you want to) at Argentina’s side of Iguazu Falls. Your guide will help you avoid crowds and take you to the most hidden of the 270 waterfalls. You’ll also have an up-close encounter of the largest waterfall, Garganta del Diablo (or Devil’s Throat). Don’t let the name fool you; it’s paradise!

Days 10-11

Buenos Aires

  • Free day to enjoy Buenos Aires’ shops, architecture and culture.
  • Dance the night away in our favorite milonga tango spots in Buenos Aires.
  • Enjoy one last succulent steak in one of South America’s best meat restaurants.

For your last evening in Argentina, you can explore the milonga nightlife of Buenos Aires, where you’ll be surrounded by passionate tango music and dancers in the city’s traditional neighborhoods or, sink your teeth into the best of Argentina’s meat at one of the city’s most renowned restaurants. Don’t want the experience to end? We can try to make some extra time for you to enjoy your last day in Buenos Aires by selecting a later flight so that you may even be able to fit in an extra tour; learn some more tango steps or, enjoy one last coffee and medialuna in a traditional Buenos Aires coffee shop.

The Best of Argentina Highlights

Hotels & Pricing

Every Class Adventure Travel tour is personalized. We have relationships with a long list of hotels and lodges, restaurateurs and chefs, accompanied by our local guides and experts. Based on your interests, length of stay and budget, we’ll arrange a luxurious trip you’ll never forget.

Private Guided Tours, Hotels, & Prices
Option 1: Comfort
$2,839 /person
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Option 2: Superior
$3,189 /person
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Option 3: Luxury
$4,239 /person
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Looking for a Group Experience
We have small group tours with daily departures for 8-15 people, with private guides and transfers dedicated to each group. Group tours save around 20% per person compared to individual private trips! Just tell us when you want to depart, what you want to see, and we’ll make sure you join in on the adventure!
$2,529 /person
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