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Travel to Iguazu Falls this summer

Stare in wonder at Iguazu Falls this summer

Standing at the center of the amphitheater of Iguazu’s cascading waterfalls is one of the world’s most awe-inspiring sights and experiences. Iguazu sits within a huge national park teeming with flora and fauna and is made up of 275 separate waterfalls on the border between Argentina and Brazil. The majority of the waterfalls are about 210 ft. tall although the main spectacle of the U-shaped Devil’s Throat waterfall stands at 269 ft. tall, is 490ft. wide and 2,300 ft. long! Argentina’s side of Iguazu Falls is where you can enjoy up close and personal views of the falls, feeling the refreshing spray of the falls as you stroll along the walkways through Iguazu’s verdant jungle. The Brazilian side treats you to an unforgettable panoramic view and the opportunity to really take in the sheer immensity of Iguazu. While June to August can be busy times to visit Iguazu due to Argentine and Brazilian winter vacations; the shoulder months of May and September are ideal times to visit. If the summer months are the only time you can visit Iguazu Falls, don’t worry as our private guides will take you to hidden viewpoints and help you avoid the crowds so that you won’t miss out on Iguazu’s serenity and beauty. Read more about where to travel in South America this summer…

Iguazu Falls - deb22

Seeing Iguazu Falls in person is a sight to behold // Photo by deb22

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