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Romantic Buenos Aires Places for You and Your Loved One

So, we’ve covered Romantic restaurants in Buenos Aires, but what’s a couple of love birds to do between meals? Worry not! We’ll take you through some romantic spots to visit during your trip to Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires Romantic Places

Searching for the most romantic place to propose? Or just looking for places in Buenos Aires to romance your partner? Here’s where you should be going.

Los Bosques de Palermo

Start out in Los Bosques de Palermo, one of the most romantic parks in all of Buenos Aires. This area contains a little lake surrounding by shady trees, a running track, and lots of people.

To escape into the quiet, rent a paddleboat, and work your way through the scenery with your honey. Afterward, stop to smell the roses – no really, you should stop. There’s a gorgeous garden with over 12,000 rose bushes lining the paths.

If you’re spending Christmas and New Year in Buenos Aires, this is a great place to watch the fireworks displays. These take place on Christmas Eve as the clock strikes twelve, and then again on New Year’s Eve. Be aware that you won’t want to be roaming the streets as the clock strikes midnight as fireworks are set off from just about anywhere. The park offers a safe space to watch the fireworks from a distance.

El Ateneo

After your fun in the sun, shuffle on down to El Ateneo, a beautiful theater-turned-bookstore. This once beautiful space was saved and renovated by the bookstore and boasts some amazing original features. These include its mural painted dome ceiling, stage, and even a few viewing boxes.

The stage now holds the café and the boxes now offer quiet spaces for patrons to read, but you’ll have a hard time taking your eyes off the space to get much reading done here! This makes it one of the most romantic spots in the city.

Teatro Colon

You knew it was coming, but it’s almost mandatory. The Teatro Colón is a world-famous opera house that just must be visited.

The entryway and hallways drip with opulence – chandeliers larger than some small cars, ceiling murals painted by masterful artists and architectural detail that signifies that old-world elegance. It’s not bad on the ears either.

Considered to be among the top 5 concert venues acoustically in the world, you’ll have the pitch-perfect soundtrack to your romantic night out. It’s one of the top sites in Buenos Aires for lovebirds.

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For a romantic day trip (or weekend) out, take a little jaunt to Tigre. About an hour by train from downtown, this small town acts as a little country respite from the big city. The big focus here is the series of rivers and canals that offer countless boat adventures.

Take a short hour-long journey or make the whole day of it. You can even rent a little cabin on your private island, should you need a complete getaway. When you’re ready to inject a little culture into your visit, check out the Municipal Museum of Art – a gorgeous show of wealth built in 1912, complete with marble staircases, Venetian mirrors and French chandeliers.

Top travel in Buenos Aires simply doesn’t get better than this.

Puerto Madero

Puerto Madero is a port in Buenos Aires that provides the perfect place for an evening stroll with your loved one. As the light begins to fade in the evening sky, lights from the port reflect off the water, creating an ever so romantic atmosphere.

And if you happen to be looking for elegant restaurants in Buenos Aires, you’ll find a whole host of them right nearby.

puero marino

Puerto Madero during sunset, source

Piazzolla Tango

Tango is a dance that’s synonymous with passion and love, so it only seems appropriate to spend a night out enjoying this riveting form of entertainment with your partner. Piazzolla Tango is arguably one of the best places to watch the tango in Buenos Aires. It’s located in Galería Güemes in an old-school, yet eccentric theater.

Expect live music and Tango dancers to entertain you while you dine on an incredible meal. For a romantic place to go in Buenos Aires, that is sure to get your heart pumping, visit Piazzolla Tango.

Gondolas Turisticas

Is Venice not considered one of the most romantic cities in the world? Why not replicate a Venetian experience right here in Buenos Aires. Head to the Puerto Madero district and set sail on an hour-long voyage in a gondola.

These tourist gondolas provide a romantic experience for you and your partner, especially if you decide to hire a musician to serenade you along the way. If there was ever a perfect moment to propose in Buenos Aires, this would have to be it.


If you’re looking for fun things to do in Buenos Aires that will allow you to treat your partner, why not take them shopping in Palermo. It’s an up-and-coming neighborhood that gives travelers a fairly unique experience.

Stroll through the streets viewing the beautiful street art, pop into the many cafes that grace the streets with delicious smells, and visit the unique stores selling one-of-a-kind items. There are also many luxury shops selling high-end goods if you really want to spoil your significant other.

Caballos A La Par

Caballos A La Par is just a 35-minute drive from Buenos Aires and provides a thrilling experience. This 10100-hectare park allows visitors to take part in guided horse riding sessions that will make your entire holiday.

Make sure you wear long jeans and a long sleeve top to keep the flies from bothering you during your outride. Most rides last for around 2 hours, so be prepared for a fair amount of physical exercise. Learning to horse ride and cantering alongside your loved one is truly a bonding experience. If you’re looking for activities to do in Buenos Aires with your partner, this should be on the top of your list.

horses in a field

Horses in a field, source

The Costanera

The Costanera as it’s known to the locals refers to the Costanera Ecological Reserve. It runs alongside the river providing wonderful views of fauna, flora, and the peaceful river flowing. If you visit during the right time of year, the Costanera is filled with butterflies. It doesn’t get much more romantic than taking a stroll through a butterfly filled reserve.

There are also a number of food stands in the Costanera, so if you start feeling peckish grab a choripan (a type of sandwich with chorizo) with your loved one.

El Caminito

El Caminito is located in La Boca and is a colorful street museum in the heart of this Italian neighborhood. The brightly painted walkway is a collaboration between the community and artist, Benito Quinquela Martín, that started all the way back in 1950.

The walkway has now become a famous tourist attraction and that shows off the art of many local street artists. Take a romantic stroll down the walkway with your partner while enjoying the vibrancy of the area and the beautiful artwork created by its inhabitants.


Caminito in Buenos Aires, source

San Telmo

Every Sunday a market is held in San Telmo. It’s filled to the brim with interesting items: collectibles, vintage clothes, handmade crafts, antiques, and art by local artists. There’s always live music to keep the atmosphere alive.

Join the locals with your partner by your side and enjoy the buzz in the air as people bargain hunt while enjoying their Sunday afternoon. You could even manage to find a one-of-a-kind item as a gift to your significant other.

Palacio Barolo

If you or your loved one are fans of architecture, the Palacio Barolo that shapes the skyline of Buenos Aires is a must-visit. It was built by an Italian immigrant in 1923, and was based on Dante’s Divine Comedy.

From the inside, you’ll see stunning views of the city. You can even see a lighthouse located all the way in Uruguay. Be sure to take your camera with you to this spectacular building as you can get a photo of you and your partner in the window with sweeping views that stretch on for miles.

palacio barolo

Palacio Barolo during sunset, source

The Planetarium

What’s better than staring up at the starry night sky with the love of your life? Well, how about taking a planetary tour in the Buenos Aires planetarium? Learn about the stars, constellations, and planets visible from this portion of the world.

You’ll find this tour particularly fascinating if you’re from a country in the Northern Hemisphere, as you’ll get a tour of the Southern Hemispheres night sky. Which provides different constellations and star formations. If you or your loved one are interested in outer space, then this is one of those attractions in Buenos Aires that will enhance your trip.

Manzana de las Luces Tunnels

Looking for a mysterious activity in this romantic city to take part in with your loved one? This is one of those Buenos Aires landmarks you won’t want to miss. The Manzana de las Luces is a building that acts as a gateway to a series of tunnels that run under the city.

These tunnels were built by the Jesuits for undisclosed purposes, which means there’s a great amount of mystery that still surrounds them. They were built during the 17th century and many of them range in size, some leading to bigger chambers.

There are many tunnels that run under Buenos Aires, some of them had to be destroyed in order to make space for the “A” line. But it’s thought that the majority of these tunnels remain undiscovered, and could still be in use for mysterious activities. Take on this thrilling activity with your loved one by your side.

Barrio Chino

Barrio Chino is the Chinatown of Buenos Aires, and where many Chinese immigrants settled during the 1980s. It provides a slightly different cultural experience than that of many other neighborhoods in the city.

The entrance to the neighborhood is marked with a colorful arch, and the streets are lined with souvenir stores, Asian supermarkets, and of course Asian restaurants. Stopping by the neighborhood for a taste of Chow Mein can be an interesting break from Argentinian cuisine. Amble through the streets of Barrio Chino hand in hand with your partner while taking in the different sites and smells.


Are you ready to get cultured with your partner? Visit the Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires, or MALBA for short. It’s arguably the best contemporary art museum in the city. It features masterpieces from famed Latino artists like Frida Kahlo, and Diego Rivera as well as artworks from other local artists.

After strolling around the museum you’ll have a much better understanding of the local art scene as well as the history of art in Argentina.

Final Thoughts on Romantic Places in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is known as the Paris of Argentina. Why? Because you can’t help but fall in love in this romantic setting. It will bring back feelings of nostalgia and get you reminiscing about all the very best things you’ve done with your partner.

If you’re ready for an adventure with your loved one, or you plan to propose to the love of your life with Buenos Aires as the perfect backdrop, head to a few of the places on this list. They’re sure to set the right mood for you and your partner on your South American getaway.

If Buenos Aires is just one stop along your journey through the country, then be sure to check out the highlights of Argentina. You could be embarking on an epic tour of the country with the love of your life.

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