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Top 5 Places to Stay in Torres del Paine

The famous, hard to reach national park of Torres del Paine encompasses everything that is beautiful about exploring Patagonia in Chile. Remote, rugged and windswept the journey and environment of visiting the national park adds to the romance of this extraordinary destination.

With its unique towers and horns of the Paine Massif rising up high into the fresh Patagonian sky your first sighting of this spectacular landscape is truly unforgettable.

Whether you decide to explore the park by sailing, trekking or horseback riding the numerous spectacular cascading waterfalls, emerald and turquoise glacial lakes, imposing glaciers and electric blue icebergs will leave you lost for words. After a full day of exploring these unique and exceptional landscapes, where you rest your head at night is an experience in itself as we will show you in our top 5 places to stay in Torres del Paine.

Hosteria Las Torres, Torres del Paine

Hosteria Las Torres

♦ Location, Location, Location – Hostería Las Torres
At the foot of one of the mighty granite towers in the Torres del Paine Park, this small hotel was once a traditional estancia where sheep were sheared and cattle were herded.

Today, the authentic feel of the hotel is still present, giving it a warm, welcoming Patagonian feel which creates an intimate atmosphere.

The location of the Las Torres hotel is truly unbeatable with the high-rising massif located behind it making it ideally located for all excursions within the National Park.

Patagonia Camp, Torres del Paine

Patagonia Camp / Source

♦ No Place like Dome – Patagonia Camp
On the shores of the turquoise Lago Toro this is by far the most unique place to stay in the Torres del Paine National Park. At Patagonia Camp you will stay in luxurious ‘yurts’ which are purpose built wooden tents.

Now before you begin thinking, ‘there’s no way that I’m not staying in a wooden tent’, each yurt has central heating and of course en-suite facilities.

The Patagonia Camp takes eco-lodging to a new level of luxury with your own private balcony and a central skylight so you can gaze at the clear Patagonian night sky from the coziness and warmth of your romantic yurt. Instead of being just a place to stay, this truly is a lodging experience you will not want to miss.

Inside a yurt at Patagonia Camp, Torres del Paine

Inside a yurt at Patagonia Camp / Source

♦ A Room with a View – Hostería Lago Grey
Sipping a glass of smooth Chilean wine whilst admiring uninterrupted panoramic views of the iceberg-filled Lago Grey is an incredible way to round off a day exploring Torres del Paine.

Tucked away within a beech forest, the Hostería Lago Grey is surrounded by vibrant nature that typifies Patagonia.

Although this small hotel is slightly further from the Paine Massif, there are a number of trails that can be enjoyed in this incredible area, including a stroll along the beach out to the Pingo Valley. Located overlooking the Lago Grey also has the added extra that you will be located near to the Grey Glacier which is the largest in the area at an impressive 98ft. high and over 3.5 miles wide!

Hostería Lago Grey, Torres del Paine

View from Hostería Lago Grey / Source

♦ Pampered in the Pampa – Tierra Patagonia
Situated on the border of Torres del Paine is the tranquil Lake Sarmiento, where the granite giants of the Cordillera del Paine and the Patagonian Pampa meet.

The Tierra Patagonia is an architect’s masterpiece with its floor-to-ceiling windows making the most of the spectacular view whilst the shape and external design of the building is said to mimic a fossil.

This eco-friendly lodge & spa offers an intimate yet contemporary feel without straying too far away from appreciating its surroundings. Near to the lodge you will be able to spot elegant guanacos, ostrich-like rhea and gliding condors all of which add to the experience of staying in this stunning lodge.

Tierra Patagonia, Torres del Paine

Tierra Patagonia / Source

♦ Natural Luxury – Hotel Explora
With the Salto Chico waterfall cascading below, the Paine Massif towering above and panoramic views of the Torres del Paine landscapes; the Hotel Explora has embraced its location in the heart of the National Park.

The lodge surrounds you with views and snapshots of the untouched and varied landscapes of Torres del Paine and the luxury of these vistas is met by the standard of the hotel’s design and facilities.

As a testament to the standard and beauty of the Explora Hotel it consistently sells out even during the chilly winters and in spite of being one of the most expensive in Chile. This is without a doubt one of the most spectacular hotels and in the Torres del Paine National Park marrying perfectly the relationship between nature and an exclusive service.

Explora Patagonia, Torres del Paine

Explora Patagonia / Source

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