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Top 5 Peruvian Amazon Traveler Delusions

Peru is one of the most biodiversity rich countries in the world and the Peruvian Amazon is home to a large proportion of its incredible array of nature. The Tambopata National Reserve located in Peru’s Amazon Basin is perhaps one of the most diverse areas in the world with approximately 7% of the world’s species and 4% of the planet’s mammal species!

With only a few thousand travelers visiting the Tambopata Reserve every year, this is truly one of the last wild corners on earth! If this hasn’t tickled your traveling taste buds or you have your own misconceptions about a vacation in the Amazon, we’re here to clear then up! Many travelers disregard or don’t even think of traveling to the Peruvian Amazon  but after reading this article we’re sure that you’ll be packing your khakis and ready to delve into this magical world in no time at all!

Monkey in the Peruvian Amazon

The Peruvian Amazon is like a big, outdoors zoo…why bother?
It’s true that the Peruvian Amazon is filled to the brim with wildlife and nature waiting to be spotted in their natural environment. If you’re traveling to Tambopata with expectations of seeing a jaguar calmly stroll by, anacondas sliding next to your feet or a giant otter playfully following your river boat, you might be disappointed!

What many people believe is that the Amazon is just like a zoo, and they pay little attention to the fact that it is a natural habitat. This is however, all part of the fun, excitement and adventure of the visiting the Peruvian Amazon as the animals disguise themselves meaning you need to use all your senses to spot wildlife and of course be very, very quiet! One day you might be out for a full day and not see a single animal whilst the next you get lucky and see all the animals you could imagine and more!

Jaguar in the Amazon in Peru

I want a relaxing vacation & not to be worrying about the dangers of the Amazon.
Peru’s Amazon Jungle is home to a long list of animals including jaguars, anacondas, caiman, spiders which we are sure are just some of the reasons you may be thinking twice about going to the Peruvian Amazon. A common misconception is that the jaguar you just saw, and how very lucky you are for seeing this graceful creature in its natural habitat, is suddenly going to want a bit of human meat for its lunch.

While the Amazon in Peru is filled with amazing creatures they have very little interest in you and having any contact with you for that matter. They prefer going about their daily business, having their natural diet and enjoying their natural haven. Staying on the well-maintained trails with your expert guide will ensure you see the very best of the Peruvian Amazon fauna and flora whilst ensuring your complete safety! It is worth mentioning that although there are a lot of spiders and snakes, the majority aren’t venomous but, this doesn’t mean you should go around playing with any snake or spider you come across. At the end of the day you’re visiting their home, and you need to think how you would react if a giant spider came in to your house and started picking you up, thrusting their cameras in your face…just be respectful!

Caiman in the Peruvian Amazon

Sleeping in a tent and eating tinned food is not my idea of a vacation.
Nor is this one of ours if we’re being completely honest! Stunning Amazon jungle lodges such as the Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica in Tambopata offer a unique, luxury Amazon experience on the banks of the Madre de Dios River. Falling asleep and waking up to the sounds of the Amazon Jungle in an exclusive private reserve is as far away from the common misconception of going to the bathroom in a ditch. The overall experience of encountering the vast Peruvian Rainforest without giving up on the comfort, services and amenities of your accommodation means that after a day of exploring the humid rainforest you can get back to your room to relax in luxury.

Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica in Tambopata

Mosquitoes for starters, fried bugs for main course…no thank you!
You might not know but the Peruvian Amazon is home to some fantastic and delicious cuisine that you may even find replicated in different cities throughout Peru. The quintessential and mouth-watering dish of Peru’s Amazon is Juane, which is made up of chicken, rice and spices wrapped in a banana leaf and left to steam or boil. There are also a wide variety of fruits which you may never have seen or heard of before! Heavenly fruits like Camu Camu, Aguaje, Carambola and Lucuma are just some of the more popular you will come across. These will truly be the freshest fruit you will have ever eaten and as the sweet juices surround your mouth, you will realize that your delusions about the food of the jungle will be unfounded!

Delicious Carambola Fruit

Delicious Carambola Fruit / Source

Only people that love animals go to the Amazon!
Wrong. Tambopata is not only for the expeditionary type of traveler as there are a great number of activities and experiences when visiting the Peruvian Amazon. Whilst we highly recommend you spend at least one day exploring the natural environment of the Amazon Rainforest, we also understand that it isn’t for everyone.

However, there is something magical and rejuvenating about being surrounded by untouched nature whilst swinging in a hammock and getting away from your busy life back home.Many accommodations offer yoga classes, spa activities such as massages and facials and whilst some may prefer to explore the animals and rainforest canopy for others this is a great, natural destination to unwind and appreciate.

Relaxing in the Peruvian Amazon

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