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Sacred Valley Highlights: Maras and Moray

Delve deeper into the Inca Empire at Maras & Moray

The Sacred Valley displays a stunning amalgam of Andean natural beauty and incredible ingenuity of Inca industry. The Valley boasts some of the most famous ruins in the world and receives an immense influx of tourists. However some equally worthy marvels as the star attractions don’t quite make the mainstream map, so you might find yourself missing the wonders of Maras and Moray. It’s probably for the best, as the serene atmosphere that looms over these impressive Inca sites adds to the tranquility of the ancient valley and allows you to get more intimate with Inca history and everyday life. Start with the Maras Salt Pans, a true hidden gem of the Sacred Valley. Hidden behind several layers of lush green mountains, these snow-white Salt Mines will stun you with their beauty, as they reflect the sun like white gold. The extraordinary salt rocks, that may be filled with water depending on the season you visit, starkly contrast with the vibrant green background. Following the Maras Salt Pans comes the deep amphitheater-like Moray terraces. The layered terraces are carved into an immense earthen bowl, each layer of which has its own micro-climate, according to depth. Some theorize that the Incas used these terraces a laboratory to determine optimal conditions for growing crops. While the Ollantaytambo fortress and the Pisac Market can get overwhelmingly busy, you are guaranteed to enjoy Maras and Moray almost alone. Visit these hidden wonders to optimize your Inca experience and venture off the beaten track. See more of our favorite experiences in Peru’s Sacred Valley…

Maras Salt Mines

Tour the stunning Maras Salt Pans

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