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Ica, Huacachina & The Nazca Lines

Exploring Ica, Huacachina & The Nazca Lines

In the middle of an arid desert in southern Peru, the dunes of Ica to the shores of Huacachina are an adventurer’s paradise. Traverse through sands and ancient landmarks on a guided dune buggy tour as the second stop along your Peruvian Odyssey. Tucked into Ica’s stark foothills, Huacachina is an oasis and agricultural anomaly with bright waters. The lifeline of this patch of desert gives way for incredibly colored crops like asparagus, cotton and – most importantly – grapes for succulent Chilean wine and Pisco, to flourish in the middle of sand and heat. Just a bit further south, The Nazca lines, a group of massive pre-Columbian etchings, permanently cover more than 380 sq. miles of land with animal and symbol figure drawings. Flying over the Nazca lines and walking amidst the remnants of ancient history at the Chauchilla Cemetery, filled with original Nazca textiles and crumbling tombs, is a mystical and rare South American experience saved for the few brave enough to venture to it. Read more about Peru’s highlight destinations…

The unbelievable Nazca lines.

The unbelievable Nazca lines.

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