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The Famous Battle of Pisco

For the rest of March, we are teaming up with The Culture Trip to share with you some of their incredible posts about art, culture and food in the stunning country of Chile. One such article which caught our eye on The Culture Trip’s website is the continuing battle between Chile and Peru over the delicious drink of pisco. With both Chile and Peru naming the Pisco Sour as their national drink, it has sparked a long, on-going dispute over the rightful owner.

Both Chile and Peru offer unforgettable vacation experiences as you saw last month as we explored Peru and as you will get to see this month as we share the best of Chile with you.

From 1535 to 1821, the two countries were included within the Viceroyalty of New Spain forming a part of the expansive Spanish empire that stretched from North America to Asia and Oceania to Africa.

However with this common history arose similarities in certain products one of which has been adopted as their national drink, the Pisco Sour.

Pisco Sour

Pisco Sour / Source

The Pisco Process
Pisco is a brandy made from grapes which were supposedly first planted and grown in Peru by the Spaniards although any Chilean is sure to contest this claim.

The grapes from which this South American brandy is made from can be found in both Chile and Peru although the flavors, ingredients and methods of production differ.

Peruvian pisco comes from the grape itself which is grown in the regions of Ica, Arequipa and of course the world capital of food, Lima before they are fermented and distilled. On the other side of the border, Chilean pisco is a distillate if wine made in the northern regions of Chile. Here it is aged in oak barrels for long periods of time which gives Chilean pisco its distinctive taste and a certain woodiness. Another difference between the two is that water is occasionally added to the process of Chilean production in order to comply with specific alcohol content laws which are strongly against the strict Peruvian ban of water in the production of pisco.

Pisco production in Chile

Pisco production in Chile / Source

Peruvian & Chilean Pisco Sours
Aside from the obvious key ingredient of pisco in a Pisco Sour, there are other elements that add to this delicious cocktail. The traditional Peruvian Pisco cocktail is a blend of pisco, egg white, ice, key lime and Angostura Bitters but some modern twists include pisco ‘macerados’ (infusions) of passion fruit, strawberry, kumquat or lemongrass adding to the unique flavors. An authentic Chilean Pisco Sour is similar to a Peruvian one but it leaves out the egg white and bitters.

What is certain is that the resultant Pisco Sours have divided drinkers around the world over which side of the border they prefer their Pisco Sour to be from.

Angostura Bitters

Angostura Bitters / Source

Where to go for your Pisco in Lima & Santiago de Chile
Peruvian Pisco, perhaps due to the country’s food growing in popularity is beginning to take the world by storm much to its Chilean counterpart’s dismay.

Featuring on the drinks menus in classy bars and restaurants in London and New York, the Peruvians constant search and push for their beloved Pisco has perhaps given it the edge over Chilean Pisco.

To sample one of the best Pisco Sours in Lima, we suggest going to the stunning La Rosa Nautica restaurant which juts out over the sea giving you unrestricted views of the Pacific Ocean whilst you eat delicious cerviche and sip your Pisco Sour. In Chile’s capital of Santiago, you should go to the piano lounge in the boutique hotel, The Aubrey, where you can enjoy a fine Chilean Pisco Sour whilst nibbling on tasty dishes from their tapas menu. Even though Peruvians and Chileans will fight right down to the last Pisco grape in the name of being the actual birthplace of their national drinks, you get the pleasure of trying these wonderful drinks and deciding for yourself which has the better taste.

The Aubrey Hotel in Santiago de Chile

The Culture Trip

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