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Exploring the Beauty of Iguazu Falls by Moonlight

The beauty of Iguazu Falls is truly awe-inspiring with an amphitheater of over 270 separate waterfalls cascading around you. Traveling to Iguazu located on the border between Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil is both a visually and acoustically invigorating travel experience that will satisfy all your senses. Included on the World Heritage List and as a Natural World Wonder, you will be able to appreciate its beauty and uniqueness by day and at certain points throughout the year, by night. A few nights a month, Iguazu Falls is open to visitors under the full moon on the Argentinean side, offering a completely different experience which is eerily beautiful and a more intimate experience. These night trips are very special and this magical Iguazu Falls by moonlight experience may even dictate when you decide to travel there.

Iguazu Falls Moonlight

Experience the magic of Iguazu Falls at night / Source

Iguazu Falls by Moonlight Experience

With a full moon in the sky, you will be able to explore Iguazu Falls on a special moonlit tour to the ominously known Garganta del Diablo (Devil’s Throat). Rising over 262ft. this gargantuan centerpiece to Argentina’s Iguazu National Park will keep you glued to the spot by day or by night. For 5 consecutive nights per month there are 3 nightly departures where you can see the Falls illuminated by the moon. The first leaves at 7.45PM and offers the spectacle of seeing the inflated moon rising above the falls. The third and final departure is at 9.15PM where you will be able to see Iguazu Falls better illuminated. The second departure time of 8.30PM gives you the best of both worlds as you see the final stages of the moonrise and the Falls beginning to be lit up by the streams of moonlight.

Iguazu Falls, Argentina

Don’t miss the chance to visit Iguazu by moonlight / Source

The Enchantment of Iguazu at night

The magic begins when you enter the Iguazu Falls National Park, free of the daytime visitors and under the cover of the night sky. Having boarded the eco-train for your ride to the Devil’s Throat, the sounds of the nocturnal wildlife in the verdant forest around you and the thunder of the waterfalls, will indulge and intrigue your heightened senses. Following the short train ride, you’ll walk along the wooden decking to the Devil’s Throat viewpoint where you’ll be able to see the beauty of the night reflected in the calm river below. The sound of the approaching waterfall increases with the beat of your heartbeat as you edge ever closer. Iguazu’s true beauty at night is that the moonlight really captivates you, heightening your imagination as you replay the view of the Devil’s Throat from your daytime visit. As you wander the deck at the Devil’s Throat one of the most surprising experiences will be just how much you can see away from the artificial lights with only the light of the moon. Keep an eye out for a ‘midnight rainbow’ where the rays of moonlight and spray of the waterfall forms a dazzling rainbow. No matter how many pictures you see of this surreal scene, it is not until you are standing there that you realize the enchantment and uniqueness of being with just the moon, the jungle and the water.

Iguazu Falls

Heighten your senses with a Moonlight Iguazu Falls Tour / Source

When will Iguazu by Moonlight take place?

If you are planning to visit Iguazu Falls, the 5-day window of a full moon and moonlight experience is not to be missed. Although no replacement for seeing the mighty Falls by day, visiting Iguazu at night adds a new, otherworldly perspective.  Make sure to check out the calendar below to ensure you don’t miss seeing Iguazu Falls by moonlight and bask in this once in a lifetime spectacle.

Iguazu Falls Full Moon Experience

Iguazu Falls Full Moon Experience

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