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The Very Best of Chilean Cuisine

What many people don’t know is that Chile has one of the best cuisines and variety of flavors in South America. Although Chile may not have the international accolades of its Peruvian neighbor, like its scenery, it has a diverse range of colors, flavors and textures.

With 2,647 miles of Pacific coastline, sharing its borders with Bolivia, Peru and Argentina as well as being a melting pot of Spanish, German, Arab, Italian and indigenous cultures makes for a vibrant cuisine.

The traditional food and recipes of Chile are filled with a variety of flavors and ingredients that vary with the diverse geography and climate of Chile that host a wide range of delicious produce. Enjoy our overview of the very best of Chilean cuisine as we continue in our collaboration with The Culture Trip throughout March.

Central Market in Santiago, Chile

Central Market in Santiago, Chile / Source

Chile’s Secret Foodie Heaven
Good food is honored and well respected in Chile even though it may not yet be on the world stage of Peruvian cuisine. The ingredients found in Chile like the Patagonian air, is some of the freshest in the region with a mind-boggling array of seafood such as abalone, albacore, picoroco, clams, sea bass and scallops to name but a few! If you are a lover of avocados you will not want to leave Chile with its numerous varieties being used in salads, soups, vinesa toppings or indeed being able to eat a whole one including its thin flesh.

From the small restaurants providing a burst of flavors with their local ‘picadas’ to the culinary stars of Santiago accompanied by world class wines, Chile is a haven for foodies.

The local cuisine is influenced by the Spanish with the familiar international nuances such as the sweet tooth of the German immigrants being introduced to recipes alongside tortillas, empanadas and cakes. No matter where the dish originates from, all the dishes receive a unique and incredible boost due to the freshness and taste of the local ingredients.

chilean vineyards

All washed down with a nice glass of wine
In Chile, no dish is complete without an accompanying wine which has made Chile world renowned for its Pais, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes.

Wine in Chile is a connoisseur’s dream with Chilean wine often fighting and dominating the top spots of world wine competitions.

Over 20 grape varieties can be found in Chile with the majority being a mix of Spanish and French grapes that helps Chile be one of the top wine regions in the world, rubbing shoulders with the ‘big players’ of France, Australia and South Africa. There’s also Pisco with its battle between Peru and Chile over its origins, with the main difference being in its production method and taste. As one of the capitals of wine in South America, it comes as no surprise that Chile takes a wine-infused approach to the Pisco process by wood aging it which giving it a darker shade and unique flavor.

restaurant chile

The Best Restaurants of Santiago
Chilean restaurants have yet to receive their first Michelin star, but this does not mean that there aren’t incredible restaurants that will take your taste buds on a hearty, adventurous and delicious food journey. In Chile’s capital city of Santiago de Chile, you will find the very best and mix of cuisines waiting for you to dive in to.

The wine one:
Translated into English, Bocanariz (Jose Victorino Lastarria 276) is literally, ‘mouth nose’ and this restaurant certainly has treats ready for both of them. The Bocanariz restaurant is one of the most famous places to enjoy the diversity of Chilean wines whilst also taking you on a gastronomic journey around Chile. Each dish on the menu has been carefully chosen with a complimentary Chilean wine in mind making this a special gastronomic experience.

Bocanariz Restaurant, Santiago

Bocanariz Restaurant, Santiago / Source

The meaty one:
Ox Restaurant (Nueva Costanera 3960) stands out above the other parrilla (BBQ) restaurants in the city with this luxurious setting serving some of the best and most succulent meat in the Chile’s capital city. Ox is the perfect place for meat lovers who also want to explore the impressive selections of Chilean wines.

The one you’ll never forget:
Boragó (Nueva Costanera 3467) is one of the best restaurants in Chile and Latin America with chef, Rodolfo Guzman, bringing the relationship between food, traditional cooking techniques and recipes together. The varied seasonal menus form a relationship between food and nature with many dishes cooked on an array of rocks and ingredients smoked over timber sourced from all of the country. Boragó stands out by offering an unforgettable dining experience and one that should not be missed!

Chilean Curanto with Patagonian Rainwater at Boragó

Chilean Curanto with Patagonian Rainwater at Boragó / Source

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