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Video | Discover the natural beauty of the Pantanal

World’s largest wetland area and one of the best places in Brazil to see wildlife, yes, we’re talking about the Pantanal. The lower vegetation levels and open spaces make it easier to observe wildlife in their natural environment.  No big cities are found in this area, thanks to the large amounts of water and the enormous flat basins, humans never had the chance to get around easily, and so the water has rather been attracting fauna all that time.

The Pantanal houses more than 600 species of bird and not to forget about the anteaters, jaguars, monkeys and many more. We’ve unfortunately not been able to spot a jaguar yet though, we hope one of our travelers to be lucky and spot one soon! Although this area can be visited all year around we do advice to skip the wet season, as many animals – anteaters, deer and jaguars – will hide deep in the forest to not be effected by the floods.

Pantanal dry season

The diversity of the Pantanal can be enjoyed from one of the lodges in the area from comfortable to very luxurious options, every traveler will be able to find their ideal lodge. Fazanda Bahia Grande is one of our favorite lodges in the Southern Pantanal, it has a rich history and a lot of attention for preservation of the environment and the local culture.

Alexandre, owner of Fazenda Bahia Grande: ‘Fazenda Bahia Grande has always been a farm, we produce meat. And then, 12 years ago we opened for tourism. We are a very small lodge – only 5 rooms – that means a maximum of 15 guests per night. Personal attention and a good atmosphere may be the most important elements.

owner Fazenda Bahia Grande

Guests can enjoy various activities during their stay at the lodge, horseback riding, photo safari and of course wildlife observations, piranha fishing.’

Pantanal horseback riding

Pantanal piranha fishing

Discovery the wildlife and amazing natural beauty of the Pantanal with Class Adventure Travel. Stay in an elegant lodge, like Fazanda Bahia Grande and spend time on the water and horseback riding to observe the many unique birds and wildlife in the area.