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Travel to Bariloche Argentina’s Chocolate Capital

San Carlos de Bariloche, usually known as Bariloche, lies in the province of Río Negro, Argentina. Since the 1930s the city has been a major tourism center with ski, trekking and mountaineering facilities apart from numerous restaurants, cafés and chocolate shops. 

Did you think immediately about Belgium or Switzerland, when reading the word ‘chocolate’? There’s no doubt about incredible good chocolate being produced in those countries, but the place to travel to in South America is Bariloche. From the regular chocolate bars to all kinds of fruits and stuffed chocolates, it’s a paradise. Read on for all information on Bariloche, Argentina’s and I would almost say South America’s Chocolate Capital.

The mayority of Bariloche’s chocolate shops is located in the center of this Alpine looking town. Most likely you’ll need to make a little trip to the center as most charming, comfortable lodges and luxury hotels are located just outside Bariloche, around the Nahuel Huapi Lake. Or ask to be driven to Bariloche’s center after one of your half-day tours of the incredible surroundings. It’s time for a threat! 

Stroll through Bariloche’s ‘Calle Mitre’ and enter as many chocolate shops and factories as you like, it’s a true chocolate-lovers paradise! Remember that chocolate can be bought in small amounts for fair prices and that most shopkeepers will be able to answer all your questions about all the chocolates and chocolaty related sweets they’re seling. We’ve had some very good dark chocolate, chocolate with almonds and fresh raspberries drenches in dark chocolate.

Let us present 3 of Bariloche’s most special chocolate shops, all for their own reason:


La Mexicana

Bariloche’s first chocolate store, inaugurated in 1848 and nowadays still a very interesting stop as La Mexicana still produces some of the best chocolate in Bariloche. Through the years the shop transformed into a La Mexicana Almacen Gourmet, which can be translated as ‘Gourmet’ or ‘Speciality’ shop, meaning that they now also sell some of the finest local wines, premium beers, smoked fish, nougat, nuts and Patagonian marmalades. Don’t forget to pay La Mexina a visit during your Bariloche vacation, we promise that you’ll love it!

La Mexicana gourmet shop Bariloche



Well known for the superb quality of their chocolate Mamuschka is always busy and even opened several new shops in and around Bariloche during the last couple of years. Although this branch has been growing, their chocolate is still of very high quality and by some named as the ‘best chocolate in town’.

Mamuschka Bariloche

The decoration of the Mamuschka shops is lovely with their red accents throughout the interior and that is even seen in the cute red giveaway boxes and cases. All stores have besides the Alpine influences also a local aspect, like the colorful tile work on the sidewalk of one of the shops. The ideal stop to buy some beautifully wrapped souvenirs.


Abuela Goye

Another of Bariloche’s long-time chocolate makers and actually opened by a family of Swiss immigrants. So, let’s be honest there is some Swiss related chocolate to be bought in Bariloche, although you’re at the other side of the world. The store has remained small and has the typical rustic look. Although the store is not big the quality of their chocolate, liqueurs and ice-creams and the rustic interior  make it a little shop not to be missed!

Abuela Goya Bariloche

A quick but very serious note: make sure to make the most of all these chocolate deliciousness when traveling to Bariloche, skip the desert one night and walk to your favorite chocolate shop to pick your threat!