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Travel to the Atacama Desert

Explore the otherworldly landscapes of the Atacama Desert

Home to one of the most unique and spectacular landscapes in the world, the Atacama Desert will not disappoint. For those travelers wishing they could travel to another planet but don’t want to wait around for space travel to develop, the 40,000 square mile desert in northern Chile is the next best thing to experiencing life on Mars. Otherworldly rocks, hypnotizing salt flats and the driest climate in the world; the Atacama Desert gives travelers unique experiences from sunrise to sunset. From visiting the 80 hissing El Tatio Geysers one of the highest geyser fields in the world, at first light where the eruptions can reach up to 19 ft., to watching the sunset over sand dunes as tall as skyscrapers in Moon Valley, the Atacama will have you glued to the spot in awe. As your day in the desert draws to an end, the Atacama Desert has one last spectacle to show off as it rolls out the most sublime star cloths in the night sky. This is perhaps one of the best places to go stargazing as the perfectly clear sky above provides the evening’s entertainment courtesy of shooting stars, sparkling galaxies and dreamy constellations. Read more about Chile’s highlight destinations…

Moon Valley, Atacama Desert

The Atacama’s magnificent landscape of Moon Valley // Photo by Yoann Combronde

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