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Tour Packages to South America with Local Expertise

Trips to this wonderful continent are not only unique and rich in culture, they’re jam-packed with exciting adventures to be had. Here’s everything you need to know about South America travel to ensure a great experience. Indulge yourself with a unique vacation like no other. Taking your pick of one of our South America tours is a great way to do just that.


Where you should be traveling in South America is dependent on the type of experience you’d prefer and when you plan to travel. There’s something to suit all interests – from the tango-filled streets of Buenos Aires to the ancient Inca Citadel of Machu Picchu.

Enjoy weaving your way along the trails that bend in and out of the gushing waterfalls of Iguazu. You could even top up your tan on the golden beaches of Rio de Janeiro or the tropical Caribbean shores of Colombia.

Class Adventure Travel even offers South America multi-country tours for those that simply cannot decide.


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Best times to travel in each region and other useful information


We are travel guides in South America, here’s what you need to know about us and our team before booking your trip with us.


We’re a great blend of North Americans, South Americans, and Europeans who all ended up living abroad. Since we believe just going somewhere isn’t really travel, we’ve made it our collective mission to turn your trips into “above and beyond” experiences.

We live in the destinations we offer! That means we know the differences between a typical tourist package and how the locals enjoy what their country has to offer. We send you to our own favorite restaurants, make sure you visit attractions and landmarks during the best times to avoid crowds, and would only put you in the same hotels we recommend to our visiting mamas.


Anyone can book you a flight to Central or South America. We’ve built incredibly designed trips and authentic itineraries based on local knowledge and over 20 years of experience.

See what you’re made of by crossing mountain landscapes, watch your child’s face light up on the beach, or work your way through a continent of mouthwatering food. There are many ways to enjoy each destination! Just tell us what you want.

best time to travel to South America

Your South America trip needs to be strategically planned in order to visit the right place at the right time. The time of year you visit a particular country can greatly impact the experience you have there. That’s why it’s important to do your research beforehand. Luckily for you, this is where our expertise lies. Here’s some useful travelers’ information for vacations in South America.


This is the section that will help you in planning your trip to South America. It will give you a better idea of the general region you’d like to visit, what areas may be of interest, visas, and other great information worth considering when preparing for your journey to the region.

Hiking in Argentina


We have included specific information for Argentina on everything from language and culture to weather & getting around in our Argentina. Our travel guide & tour packages will help out a little more necessary details.                   

Situated in the Southern Hemisphere, Argentina’s seasons are opposite to those experienced in the Northern Hemisphere. The summer months run between December and February while the winter is between June and August. Due to Argentina’s size, the varying degree of the season very much depends on which region of the country you are visiting.

In the winter, for example, Southern Patagonia is covered in snow and beaten by icy winds. Unless you enjoy winter sports, this is not the best time to hike or see the glaciers in Patagonia. While winter may not be the best time to visit Patagonia, it’s our favorite time of the year to visit the north of Argentina when the sweltering summer heat subsides.

The center of Argentina can be enjoyed all year round, although the spring and fall are our favorite times of the year to visit Buenos Aires and Mendoza. If the main reason for your trip is to discover Argentina’s wildlife, spring is hands down the best time to visit Patagonia’s Atlantic coast to enjoy wildlife spotting.

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Most people prefer to visit Bolivia between May and October. This is Bolivian winter, so you can expect the highlands to be cold and the deserts to be freezing at night. However, the weather is dry causing fewer travel disruptions.

Bolivia’s rainy season is from November to March and it can disrupt the infrastructure, especially from January to March. During this period it’s not uncommon for there to be flooding, landslides, fog, and low-lying clouds which can make driving or hiking in the mountains dangerous.

If you’re planning a visit to Bolivia and want to enjoy the various outdoor activities such as cycling and hiking, we wouldn’t recommend going between the months of January and March. However, if you find yourself in Bolivia during these months, the barren, dusty landscape makes way for a blanket of verdant greens while the mountain slopes are covered with wildflowers.

The majority of Bolivia’s festivals such as Carnival and Holy Week take place between February and April. While these could be one of the main reasons to visit Bolivia during these months, you may find that there are a number of disruptions to transport due to the weather and festivals.

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Brazil beach


Brazil generally has a temperate climate all year round meaning there is no bad time to visit Brazil! The summer runs from December to February with Rio’s beaches and the beautiful northeast becoming busy due to the high temperatures (above 80°F/27˚C).

Throughout the rest of the year, temperatures are generally in the mid-70s ˚F (low 20s ˚C) to low 80s ˚F (mid-20s ˚C). If traveling through the south of Brazil, the temperature variations are more obvious with lows of approximately 60°F (16˚C) in the winter month of June to August up to about 95°F (35˚C) in the summer months. It is rare for the Brazilian Amazon to have temperatures above 80°F (27˚C) however it is extremely humid and there can often been heavy rainfall over the Amazon Basin throughout the year.

The dry season of Brazil makes the treks into the Amazon and Pantanal especially from June to August a delight! Make sure not to get confused about the seasons with people from the north of Brazil, calling December to March the winter due to the amount of rainfall in spite of it actually being during the height of Brazil’s summer!

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Chile’s climate varies greatly, owing to its sheer length, the variation of terrain, altitudes, and latitudes. Spring (September – November) and Fall (March-May) are our favorite times to visit Santiago and its surrounding vineyards. The summer months (December – February) is the best time to visit the Atacama Desert.

Our favorite time to travel to Chile’s Patagonia is during the spring and summer months from November to the beginning of March. Despite it being the peak season with a large number of tourists in the area, the weather is ideal for exploring the Torres del Paine National Park and the Tierra del Fuego. Spring which runs from September to November is a beautiful time to visit the Chilean Lake District as the surrounding mountains are covered in colorful wildflowers.

Fall (March-May) is another time of year that we love to explore Patagonia as it springs into life with stunning autumnal reds and oranges. Both times of year have milder temperatures as well as fewer tourists.

Most attractions and activities are put on hold during the winter months in Patagonia (June-August) so we generally recommend avoiding traveling to that particular region during these months. Even if you are visiting Patagonia in spring or summer, pack plenty of layers to keep you warm from the ice-cold Patagonian winds.

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Colorful traditional Colombian wear


As Colombia is situated on the Equator, rather than the temperature varying by season, its climate is related to altitude. Colombia can, therefore, be split up into three different climates.

The Tierra Caliente is a warm, tropical zone covering approximately 82.5% of the country with the land rising up from sea level to roughly 3,500ft (1,067m). The area between 3,500ft. (1,067m) and 6,500ft. (1,981m) is known as Colombia’s temperate zone and has an average temperature of about 64°F (17°F). Between 6,500ft. (1,981m) and 10,000ft. (3,048m) is the Tierra Fria with annual temperatures reaching just slightly over 55°F (12°C). With an altitude of 8,525ft (2,598m) above sea level, Bogota is situated within the Tierra Fria and has a yearly average temperature of 57°F (13°C).

The highest levels of precipitation fall on the west coast of Bogota and in the Andes and these areas feature a dry and wet season which alternates every three months. The wettest months to visit Bogota are between April-June and October-December. In the north of Colombia, there is only one wet season which is from May to October.

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