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Top Romantic Spots in Buenos Aires: The Restaurant Edition

Of all the South American cities, Buenos Aires is arguably the best one for romantics. Gorgeous architecture, world class late night dinners and a positively seductive tango scene sets the stage for one sweet getaway. As an inhabitant of this beautiful city, I feel qualified to offer a helpful guide to all those starry eyed lovers heading down south. Here’s your guide for a perfect long weekend with a special someone. Today, we’ll cover some romantic spots in Buenos Aires, the great restaurants you’ll want to include in your agenda. We’ll be offering places to see in Part 2!

For brunch, you can’t go wrong with Malvon in Villa Crespo. The interior of this bakery restaurant is a hodge podge mix of high style and comfy coziness. That’s reason enough to check it out, but luckily, it’s got a menu to match. Expect little bites of heaven to hit the table in the form of flavored butters, muffin treats and a breadbasket that will cause you to momentarily entertain the thought of ordering another for your entrée. It’s a good thing you didn’t, however, because your eggs benny and lox would have been a shame to miss.

Romantic Spots in Buenos Aires

Closed door restaurants are the cat’s pajamas around here. There are no walk ins and space is very limited, so reservations are a must – especially at Casa Felix. This little gem is hardly secret, but with a world renowned chef serving a five course wonder meal in a delightfully intimate courtyard space, who could keep quiet? Arrive at 9:30 to enjoy a kitchen and garden tour over cocktails, which will be followed by a 5 course menu that changes weekly, using local ingredients, lots of which are grown in the garden onsite.

That cozy little corner bistro you’re picturing where you cuddle up, let the wine flow and linger over dessert while the band plays? It’s Café Rivas, the little bistro you can find on the cobblestoned streets of San Telmo. The tucked away location keeps it off tourist paths, and it’s unbelievable Ojo de Bife keeps it on locals’ lists. Just about everything on this menu is delicious (definitely deserts!) but, trust me, it’s the Ojo de Bife you’re there for. Go late and pray that it’s live music night when the violins or jazz piano add the perfect soundtrack for your night out.

Romantic Spots in Buenos Aires

Now, those of you who might be up for a little late night adventure, let’s hop in a cab and head to La Catedral in the Almagro neighborhood, a tango spot that will scratch that romantic itch right to the bone. This is a very local spot, where those that love to tango, come to play. Don’t be alarmed by the entrance! It’s seemingly an unimpressive façade, with some even less impressive stairs. Head to the top, pay your entrance fee and step in to what is easily one of the coolest places in the city. The dance floor is probably packed by this time with talented tangoing locals and is surrounded with plenty of tables and chairs from which to enjoy the spectacle. Hollywood would have a hard time recreating the vibe in this place. Dripping candles abound, a vaulted ceiling, gorgeous paintings and mix match antiques seem to come together perfectly for a dreamy evening. The menu is vegetarian and has fantastic options reasonable priced. Also, for just a small amount more, you can even have lessons at 9pm.

Stay tuned for part 2 where we’ll profile some delightful sights to see!


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