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Top 5 Secluded Beaches on Ilha Grande

The beaches on Ilha Grande are recognized as some of the best in Brazil and the world meaning it can be quite difficult to decide which of these gorgeous beaches to visit during your Ilha Grande vacation. Each beach has its own charm, and each one is different from the other adding to the difficulty of which of the 113 beaches on the island you will visit.

Ilha Grande offers a wide range of options to keep you entertained during your vacation and for those that want to be in touch with some of the most pristine nature in the world.

Many of the beaches on Ilha Grande have very few people or are completely deserted allowing you to enjoy the ‘Big Island’s’ beauty, peace and serenity. Here are our top 5 secluded beaches to make the most of your experience on Ilha Grande.

Beaches on Ilha Grande

Discover the beauty of Ilha Grande’s best secluded beaches

♦ Lopes Mendes Beach

Being one of the most beautiful beaches on the entire Brazilian coast is by no means a small feat and its beauty was recognized in the 2014 TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Awards as the 13th best beach in the world! Located on the south side of the island, the 1.8 miles of fine white sand that is so fine you will think you are walking on talcum powder. Lopes Mendes has become the most famous beach on Ilha Grande but still remains relatively secluded, allowing you to find your own quiet spot as you gaze out to the inviting mix of the green and light blue sea. The beautiful almond trees that run along its coast provide plenty of natural shade from the strong afternoon sun. Lopes Mendes’ warm waters allow you to spend hours enjoying its transparent waters and large waves leaving many that visit this beach feeling that this is in fact the perfect beach.

Lopes Mendes, Ilha Grande

Ilha Grande’s most famous yet secluded beach of Lopes Mendes / Source

♦ Aventureiro Beach

Although Lopes Mendes may receive all the accolades and attention, Aventureiro Beach is often regarded as the island’s true paradisiacal beach. You may have already seen Aventureiro Beach without realizing it as its famous L-shaped palm tree hanging perfectly over its calm waters is often used worldwide to depict paradise. The nearby fishing village of Modesa adds to the beauty of this little paradise with the traditional local culture just as pristine as Aventureiro Beach. With less than half a mile of sand, this small secluded beach and its calm, clear waters is one of the smaller beaches that you can still enjoy its tranquility.

Aventureiro Beach, Ilha Grande

The beautiful paradise setting at Aventureiro Beach / Source

♦ Santo Antonio Beach

The Santo Antonio Beach is both small and quiet but despite its size, it is truly spectacular with its green, crystal clear waters and its beach backed by verdant Atlantic forest. With many similarities to its famous neighbor, Lopes Mendes, the main difference is that on top of the fine white sand and perfect water, you’ll be sharing Santo Antonio Beach with some large boulders and rocks. This does however add to the exotic landscape of this beach which also offers stunning views of the Jorge Grego Island that lies off the coast of Ilha Grande.

Santo Antonio Beach, Ilha Grande

Enjoy the azure waters & white sand at Santo Antonio Beach / Source

♦ Parnaioca Beach

As well as being picturesque, Parnaioca Beach is also one of Ilha Grande’s most secluded beaches. Facing the Atlantic Ocean, the golden sands invite you to switch off completely and soak up the nature around you without the distractions of modern life. The fact that Parnaioca has no electricity and virtually no cell signal also helps you to disconnect and concentrate on relaxing. It is hard to imagine that this deserted paradise was home to a community of more than 1,000 people living from fishing and farming. Today, a handful of locals still  remain and while the beach remains virtually deserted, you can spend some of your time exploring the ruins of old buildings constructed by slaves on the island as well as the little Sagrado Coração de Jesús Church.

Parnaioca Beach, Ilha Grande

Disconnect from the world at Parnaioca Beach / Source

♦ Caxadaço Beach

Caxadaço’s name is derived from the Portuguese word ‘caixa de aço’ which means ‘steel case.’ Representing the idea of strength and security as well as protection, the history of its name dates back to the time of colonial Brazil when pirates used the island to hide. Located in a small bay with an entrance like an inverted funnel and with a barrier of large rocks makes it impossible to see Caxadaço Beach from the sea even when passing nearby. It is without a doubt one of the most beautiful beaches on the island with its striking azure waters. The beach is only 3 ft. long, is wild, full of nature, quiet and mystical and is a true pearl in the treasure chest that is Ilha Grande.

Caxadaço Beach, Ilha Grande

Discover the hidden jewel of Caxadaço Beach / Source

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