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The Wildlife of Peninsula Valdes in Photos

Last week we started our South America’s Natural Wonders series with Peninsula Valdes. The wide variety of wildlife is the main reason to visit the Peninsula. Photos say more than a 1000 words, and especially when it’s about wildlife of Peninsula Valdes this photo diary may be the best way to get an impression of the beauty of Peninsula Valdes.

Most photos are taking by our very own Bart & Karin during one of the many trips they took to Peninsula Valdes and show an ideal two-day visit:

Peninsula Valdes whale tail

DAY 1 The main reason to visit Peninsula Valdes from September to the end of December, the whales. These enormous creatures can be seen from the shore, but if you want to come as close as Karin did you’ll need to hop on one of the boats that have several departures daily. The most unique settings can be seen during the sunset departures.
Peninsula Valdes whale and birdImpressive to see how difference species of wildlife can perfectly life together, eventhough one belongs to world’s biggest and the other to world’s smallest species.

Peninsula Whale watchingWhales do get every now and then very close to the boats, so close that you can touch them! How exiting! One of Bart & Karin’s companions is enjoying the moment and gets as close as he can.


Sunset whale watchingThis photo says everything about the uniqueness of the sunset departures, the colors of air, water and wildlife will differenciate more as the sun goes down.

Peninsula Valdes unendless roadsDAY 2, it’s time to explorer Peninsula Valdes, on the photo a typical Peninsula and Patagonia landscape.

Peninsula Valdes sea elephantSeal elephants are like to play in the sand and make all kinds of crazy noises. They can be seen on various beaches along the Peninsula.

Peninsula Valdes penguinAfter the sea elephants it was time to drive all the way up to the northest point of the island, where Estancia San Lorenzo and one of the biggest penguin colonies of Peninsula Valdes can be found. One the photo one of the penguins watching her nest.

Peninsula Valdes penguin beachPenguins playing around at the beach. Visitors can enter both the nesting and the beach area during certain times of the year. Although a part of the beach is exclusively for penguins.