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Tango with the Locals of Buenos Aires in La Catedral

If you’re a ‘mix with the locals’ type of traveler and are looking for a great place to see Tango (maybe even dance a bit?) then you’ll definitely want to make a stop through La Catedral in Buenos Aires. Located in the Almagro neighborhood, on a quiet, unassuming street, this spot is favorite for visitors and residents alike. Ascend the stairs in the front, pay your entrance fee and walk in to one of the coolest spaces in the city. Now, this spot isn’t for the fancy-minded as you’ll see.

The furniture is worn, the decor eclectic and the menu simple. But these characteristics add to the charm. If you’d like to learn how to join in the fun, they offer dance classes for all levels for just a bit extra at the door. The instruction is excellent. If you’ve never danced tango before, they’ll have you showing off a few steps by the end of the lesson. Tables with dripping wax candles surround the floor, providing a place to enjoy dinner, some drinks and a place from which to enjoy the dancing. The menu is vegetarian and lists traditional favorites for a wonderful price. It’s the perfect place for a romantic evening or a night out with friends. Make sure to include it in your trip to Buenos Aires!

Photo from La Catedral

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