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Spending Christmas in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires: Summertime Christmas Experience

With average temperatures reaching 80.6°F during the Holiday Season in Buenos Aires you’ll be sure to see Santa Claus in more casual attire such as red sandals, shorts and t-shirt. Spending Christmas with the warm sun beating down on you while having a refreshing ice-cream at one of the many ice-cream parlors will soon seem like second-nature. Christmas in Buenos Aires therefore has a summertime, joyous atmosphere and as most of the local residents are away on their summer holidays, you’ll be able to enjoy a less chaotic Buenos Aires. Many families celebrate Christmas Eve with their families either at home or at the thousands of restaurants throughout the city. Buenos Aires has mastered the art of ambiance when it comes to restaurants and their fixed Christmas menus often accompanied by live music and excellent wine pairings never fail to impress. As the clock strikes twelve at night, the skies come alight with fireworks giving Christmas Eve celebrations the feeling of New Year’s Eve. A helpful tip, make sure to have a secure and strategic place to watch them in order to admire the twinkling cityscape at night with the different colors of the fireworks exploding overhead. See more of the best places to spend Christmas & New Year in South America…

Christmas in Buenos Aires

Admire Buenos Aires’ night sky as it gets lit up with fireworks on Christmas Eve / Source

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