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South America’s Best Sunsets

There are certain moments when traveling when you better enjoy the incredible views, as words will not be sufficient to describe what you just saw. It’s these moments that you will keep with you, forever and it they may even be more magical if you can share them with your travel partner. We’ve listed some of South America’s best sunsets. You cannot miss out on these when visiting the incredible South American continent.

The rocky Atacama Desert

Visit a true desert, the Atacama Desert has more than once been called the driest place on earth. It’s so dry that plants find it very difficult to life here. But that doesn’t keep us from visiting this amazing desert with wide variation of landscapes – from sand to rocks and salt flats – and one of South America’s most impressive sunsets. Finish your Atacama visit at the rocky Valle de La Luna with an impressive and photogenic landscape.

Valle de la Luna sunset

The incredible hotsprings & Arenal Lake

Right, we didn’t pick one of Costa Rica’s white sand beaches for this list, but the Arenal Lake is also a unique spot when it comes to sunsets in Costa Rica. The view of the sun setting over this lake close by the Arenal Volcano is one to die for. A great location to witness this sunrise are the hot-springs – 18 pools with hot mineral water – with amazing views of the Volcano and the Arenal Lake.

Sugarloaf Mountain

With no doubt, Sugarloaf Mountain is THE place to see the sunset in Rio de Janeiro. Even though you might have planned your guided visit in the morning, just make sure to keep your ticket as it’s valid for multiple entrances during that day. Enjoy Rio’s highlights and then make your way back up to see the incredible sunset in between the Christ de Redeemer and Rio’s many mountains. Make sure to stay even after the sun has gone down as the city’s lights will then serve you with more breathtaking views.

The peaks of  Torres del Paine

Sunsets in some of the most incredible landscapes can be more impressive than you could ever hope. Torres del Paine is one of those places, with its granite and snowy peaks, and other unique rocky and icy landscapes. The glow of the sun over these enormous peaks is more than impressive and will leave many speechless. You’ll be able to see this sunset from various sights in the Torres del Paine National Park.

Torres del Paine peaks sunset

Machu Picchu the Ancient Capital

The Ancient Inca Capital couldn’t stay behind. It’s one of the most magical places to see the sunset, whereas the sunrise is definitely breathtaking, the site may be more quiet and peaceful during sunset as many visitors choose to visit Machu Picchu during the morning hours.  This your turn to get the real postcard view of Machu Picchu! If you can’t get enough of this ancient site you might want to decide to stay at the Sanctuary Lodge to enjoy all day views of Machu Picchu.

Machu Picchu sunset