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Salta: Torrontes Wine Region

Salta, often referred to as Salta La Linda, meaning “Salta the beautiful”, is located in the high-desert Calchaqui Valley, shadowed by the some of the highest Andean peaks in the North West region of Argentina. This striking landscape is home to the up-and-coming, bright and fresh Torrontes white wine. The Torrontes has a floral aroma to the nose, a fresh tropical citrus taste, followed by a dry finish that pairs perfectly with summer foods like salads, sea food, chicken, and empanadas. (Some have compared it to a Pinot Grigio or a mix between a Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.) Most of Salta´s family owned, organic bodegas turn out wines seldom exported across borders due to the increased alcohol levels (15-18% alcohol!). Thus, the Salta and Torrontes wine region produces unique wines you can’t get anywhere else in the world and in some cases even in the rest of Argentina!

Our wine buffs favorite: The high altitude, low nitrogen soil combined with a vintage vine brought over from France leaves Tacuil Bodega (the highest vineyard in the world) with a highly aromatic and uniquely flavored grape. Their 33 de Davalos (92 point Malbec /Cab Sauv blend) follows the traditional Argentine wine making practice of using cement barrels and thus leaving you with flavors of fruit and Asian spices with a long finish. I´ve never tasted a wine like this before, and it pairs beautifully with some of my favorites; strong blue cheeses and gamey meats. They only started exporting their carefully crafted, unique wines in the last 3 years to select locations, so this is a wine you will want to get your hands on and perhaps ship back home for your own collection.