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Inside the Recoleta Cemetery

Growing up, the cemetery used to be a place where you could get things done. The statues above tombs served as excellent models for my art class drawings and the quiet, open streets were ideal for running a few miles as well as for learning to drive. My mom taught all of us to learn to drive in the cemetery because you have to go slow, there are lots of turns for good practice, and well, it’s kind of hard to kill someone. So, I’ve always had a cheery association with them, really. Cemeteries in the states can be so beautiful, full of hills and trees and grassy lawns. It’s nice.

Recoleta is completely different. As probably one of the top 3 things every guide book says to see while you are visiting Buenos Aires, I went like a good tourist and made it one of my first stops when I arrived. The Recoleta Cemetery is beautiful, definitely, but takes a more formal, regal vibe. The mausoleums range from simple to extremely elaborate. Beautiful stain glass, marble staircases and intricate stonework adorn the buildings making them look like little houses and churches. It’s like a little fairy tale neighborhood for the dead. Probably you wouldn’t want to do your running in here and you certainly won’t be able to drive, but you can most definitely get some artistic inspiration or just a pleasant afternoon stroll. Enjoy some of the shots I took on my visit below.
















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