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Peru Travel Guide: How to Bring Your Pet to Peru

If you are only thinking about spending a few weeks in Peru, most likely, you’ll be able to find someone to take care of your beloved pet. Many people, however, come down to South America for longer periods these days either for work, extended vacation or as part of their sabbatical and do not want to spend that much time separated from their dog or cat. Below we give you all the tools to make sure you can bring your pet on your Peruvian adventure.

The first important precaution is that all animals must be vaccinated for rabies at least 30 days but not more than 12 months before you travel to Peru. A few days before traveling, an accredited veterinarian in your home country must then fill out a Peruvian health certificate including your copy of the rabies vaccination report. Each country has its own special certificate, so make sure to ask for one (through the Peruvian Embassy for example) with plenty of time in advance.

As soon as you get to the airport in Peru, make sure you report to the local office of the relevant authority, the National Service for Agrarian Health or SENASA. Here you pay a small fee and your documents will be checked and stamped. Now you and your pet can enter the country! Without arranging this in advance, your pet will either be put in a costly period of quarantine at the airport or be sent back immediately.

Remember also that even if it’s only a small cat or dog, the local airline, LAN Peru, does not allow pets to travel in the cabin under any circumstances. You will therefore always have to make arrangements in advance for transport in the live cargo section. Your pet must also be traveling in a crate that is in accordance with the rules set by the international airline organization IATA, amongst others: adequate ventilation, waterproof bottom, a spring loaded door and no handles on the crate. Keep these simple rules in mind and there should be absolutely no problem on bringing your pet to this beautiful country!


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