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Peru Hotel Interview: Luxury Aranwa Hotel in the Mystical Sacred Valley

Built on the site of a 17th Century colonial hacienda in the heart of the spectacular Sacred Valley is the luxurious Aranwa Sacred Valley Hotel.

Situated just an hour outside of Cusco and 30 minutes from Ollantaytambo which lies at the foot of Machu Picchu the hotel seamlessly combines colonial style with contemporary and minimalist décor.

Speaking with the Sacred Valley Aranwa Hotel Business Manager, Rosana Martinez we explore the sumptuousness of this exclusive hotel and the mystical magic of the Sacred Valley.

Church & Aranwa Lake & Deck

What makes the Aranwa Sacred Valley Hotel different from others in the Sacred Valley and Peru?
The Aranwa Hotel is in the heart of the Sacred Valley, surrounded by nature which makes it very special and gives it a mystical touch. It has the largest spa in Peru covering 2,500 meters with hydrotherapy pools, oxygen therapy rooms, massage area and specific Andean treatments such as an Inca sauna or a stone bed.

How do you feel luxury accommodation compliments the Sacred Valley experience?
Being in the Sacred Valley and staying in a hotel like the Aranwa, ensures guests have a unique experience. Not only can they enjoy the Sacred Valley but they can also make the most of all the services and experiences that a 5 star hotel provides where every guest is unique. The Aranwa Hotel in the Sacred Valley has wonderful suites that overlook the Urubamba River, lake suites surrounded by lagoons with breathtaking views of the Sacred Valley, and you can even stay in the 16th Century colonial area that will transport you back in time. The colonial decor offers unique pieces of art making an unmatched guest experience.

Colonial Bedroom

What is your stand-out Sacred Valley memory?
The Sacred Valley has a special charm, it’s magical! It gives you a mystical experience like no other, with beautiful sunrises and sunsets all adding to your stay in the Aranwa Sacred Valley Hotel. Not only is the hotel beautiful but the warmth and hospitality of its people shines through.

What is the one activity or site you would recommend to people staying at your hotel?
I highly recommend our UNNO Spa which is not a traditional spa as it uses Andean treatments and alternative medicines, making it unique. From a stone bed massage and using the Inca sauna to having your energy assessed we also provide treatments brought from India such as Shirodhara making your spa experience unforgettable.

Lake deck

What advice would you give to travelers coming to the Sacred Valley?
To not stop visiting the Aranwa Hotel in the Sacred Valley! Our hotel has a unique personality where you can not only enjoy the nature of the place but experience a 5 star hotel that has a lot to offer its guests and where they are the center of our attention.

What do you see for the future of the Aranwa Sacred Valley Hotel and for tourism in Peru in general?
A hotel that is very representative of the area it is located in and which has a unique identity; where every Peruvian or foreign guest will remember their stay as one of the best travel experiences. As Peruvians we should feel proud that a Peruvian company can rely on tourism. Also the Sacred Valley is becoming increasingly popular with tourists, and will be even more so when the new Chinhcheros airport is completed.

Deluxe Bedroom

What is your most important task as the owner or representative of the Aranwa Sacred Valley Hotel?
To show that a Peruvian hotel chain can be something we are proud of and can be up there with the best names of hotels in this category in Peru. A hotel where its hospitality is combined with the concept of ‘wellness’, ensuring the warmth of the hotel is maintained with all the comforts and amenities of a 5 star hotel.


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