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Peru Hotel: Andean Wings Boutique Hotel Interview

Please include a brief introduction about yourself, your position and the Andean Wings Boutique Hotel.
My name is Fernando Amprimo and I am one of the owners of Andean Wings Boutique Hotel. I am 34 years old and I graduated from the University of Lima Business School with Bachelors Degree in Business Administration as well as from the Le Cordón Bleu Cooking School specializing in Cookery Techniques. The Andean Wings Hotel has been operating in Cusco for the last four years and it has been a great experience growing the business from finding a suitable site and the 2 years of construction to the half year of decorating and implementing our vision. The hotel is a product of a lot of hard work by our three partners, Lesley Myburgh from South Africa who is the general manager and decorator of the work. His unique style and work can be seen throughout our hotel and which played a major part in the Andean Wings Hotel being considered as the first true boutique hotel in Peru. Jose Antonio Gamarra is the Operations Manager and Head Chef of the hotel responsible for our extremely high level of service, customer service and development of the menu. Finally, I am the Financial and Human Resources Manager with my main responsibilities among others including ensuring the continued economic growth of the company and looking after the entire work team to guarantee the correct running the hotel.

Triple Room Andean Wings

What makes the Andean Wings Boutique Hotel different from others in Cusco and Peru?
The main thing you will notice in our hotel is the high level of service and attention to detail. We ensure that our guests feel at home in a comfortable environment, surrounded by our unique décor and style.

The Andean Wings Boutique Hotel takes its environmental responsibilities very seriously. How do you make your hotel sustainable?
We try to have a hotel that is efficient in the consumption of its main resources and the treatment of the waste and emissions produced. In regard to efficiency in the consumption of resources, we use hot water return systems that reduce the heat loss and lower our consumption of water and gas from our boilers. This also guarantees the continuity of hot water at all times throughout the hotel. We use LED technology for our lamps in the communal areas which are in continuous operation all day and thereby significantly reducing our power consumption. The hotel also implements various methods of recycling from batteries and chemical waste to organic wastes, plastics and glass.

How do you feel luxury accommodation compliments the Cusco experience?
The main idea is to provide the services or products the guests need and demand. Luxury accommodation compliments the overall experience and increases the competitiveness of Cusco as a popular travel destination as a large proportion of the travel market is looking for this type of travel experience.

Andean Wings Dining

What is your stand-out Cusco memory?
Without a doubt, watching the sunrise at Machu Picchu which is spectacular and something every traveler to Peru should experience.

What is the one activity or site you would recommend to people staying at your hotel?
Visit Machu Picchu and the Sacsayhuaman Ruins because they are in my opinion the main sites that represent the architecture of the area and are a strong part of the cultural history of Peru.

What advice would you give to travelers coming to Cusco?
They should rest on the first day because it is better to have a quiet first day with the intention of enjoying the remaining days 100%. By taking it easy on the first day, travelers can acclimatize to the altitude in Cusco and not feel the full effects of altitude sickness.

Illary Suite Andean Wings

What do you see for the future of the Andean Wings Boutique Hotel and for tourism in Cusco and Peru in general?
The growth of a second Andean Wings hotel in the Historical Center of Cusco followed by expanding to Lima, the Amazon Jungle and the north of Peru, covering all the main travel destinations in the country. It can be said that tourism in Cusco will experience imminent growth due to the increase of flights to the city and the construction of a new airport to be able to receive international flights. On a city level, this brings great challenges since much of the tourism on offer at the moment needs to evolve and improve its quality standards especially in the areas of B&B’s or backpacker accommodation.

What is your most important task as the owner or representative of the Andean Wings Boutique Hotel?
My most important task is the commitment to our internal team which in this case can be called our internal customer. Of equal importance is of course to our external customers or guests, staying with us and helping to maintain a profitable and growing business. It is also important to continue to increase our quality standards and efficiency through our love and dedication for our work on all levels of the hotel.

Andean Wings Dining

Please can you share with us a special story about Cusco or the Andean Wings Boutique Hotel?
Something that always grabs my attention in Cusco is that since I moved here to begin this business, I have met many people who weren’t actually from Peru. They had come to Cusco just once and decided to stay and build their dreams here. The special magnetism that the city of Cusco has, and which you will experience, has always caught my attention. A special anecdote from my time at the Andean Wings in Cusco was our first booking. The hotel had just opened to the public and while we were carrying out our positioning and pre-sales work, the first booking we got was none other by the American actress, Lucy Liu. Well known for her appearance in the movie Kill Bill among others, it gave us a sense of auspiciousness with our new business and since her stay we have accommodated various international and local Peruvian stars.

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