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Patagonia: The Great Wine Frontier

The wine industry in Patagonia is ten years new with only twelve existing wineries producing some striking wines to compete with the striking terrain. Due to the colder and more temperate conditions, Patagonia produces a beautifully smooth wine, and is known for its lighter and sweeter whites. The main wine area within Patagonia is Neuquen where you will find their most famous bodega, Fin Del Mundo.

Our wine buff’s favorites:

Fin Del Mundo has a 100% pure Malbec which is very rare; most wines consist of a slight blend to either enhance color, taste, or aroma. Their 2007 Special Blend (Merlot, Malbec, Cab Sauv) comes highly rated and with its elegant, less fruit-forward and smooth balance, it offers a completely different palate than Mendoza’s Malbec.

Desierto La Pampa vineyard is strategically located for the Ph level in the soil, the desert landscape and the high winds that keep the grapes cool. This combination leaves wine connoisseurs with a full-bodied wine endowed with good tannins and deep color. The 25/5 Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc are great examples of why Patagonia is known for its white wines.

Weinert, the most southern vineyard in the Americas, was started by a Mendoza winery that decided to set up shop south to take advantage of the unique climate and smoother tasting grapes. It is a quirky spot and located outside of El Bolson in a small town called El Hoyo. Their Pinot Noir catches the fancy of many!

Sipping the smooth Patagonia wines underneath the tall pines is the way to end a perfect day of hiking and exploring the magical terrain