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Video | Meet the Class Adventure Travel team

Get to know our international team of travel industry wizzards. One by one they will tell you about their role in the Class Adventure Travel team and about what makes traveling with us to the highlights of Latin America so special.

First up Marc, Proud Owner & Team Leader

The great thing about Class Adventure Travel, or CAT as we call it, is that we can actually create trips that are unique and specific to people. What we do at Class Adventure Travel is take something that we already know is great. We create a package from it that is flexible and gives the customer the capability to talk with us, people who actually live in South America and Central America, and define that package with hotels and services and tours and private guides that will make it unique to them.

Elin Granberg – Travel Specialist

‘One of the worries that people have is, “Well, you know if I travel with an agency, am I going to lose that mystic and that special?” And that’s something that we pay a lot of attention on selecting certain guides, that will make sure that you’re getting that true cultural experience. You’re not going to be in a group following the flag.

There are certain elements of the tour which we’ve thought about and all agreed on, which is details such as making sure that you’re going to Machu Picchu at sunrise, 6 o’clock in the morning. That experience is so unique. Nobody from a comfort to a luxury trip should miss out on that experience, and we make sure those are included in our tours.

Marcos Wolff – Travel Specialist

‘We know that you might be worried about traveling to a foreign country where you don’t speak the language, like Brazil the Portuguese, or Argentina and Peru, Spanish. You shouldn’t worry about it because we have a team in each country who will always back you up.’

Monteserrat Neira – Travel Supervisor

There is nothing better than talking with people located in each place that know every little secret from each destination and who love different cultures and to have amazing experiences.

What I recommend is that you call us, which is really the best way to get to know us. We have fun with what we do. We’re passionate about what we do. We come to work every morning with a big smile on our faces, and it’s true. And you can see that reflected in the itineraries. You can see that reflected in our e-mails. You can see that reflected in the passion of the guide who’s going to pick you up at  the airport. He will be happy, and he will be so passionate about what he does.

And that’s priceless.