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Luxury Lake Titicaca Eco-lodge Island Life

Lake Titicaca forms a natural part of the border between Peru and Bolivia. At an altitude of over 12,000 feet, it’s the highest lake in the world and the largest in South America. A visit to Lake Titicaca is an integral part of the most luxury Peru tours.

Lake Titicaca views

Puno is the highest city in Peru and one of the 5 highest in the world and also the main Peruvian access to Lake Titicaca. Though there is a small airport in Juliaca, about 30 miles away, the comfortable long distance buses from either Arequipa or Cusco are also very convenient. And let’s not forget about the Andean Explorer train, one of South America’s most luxurious trains, also covers the route from Cusco to Lake Titicaca. This unique then hour train journey is the perfect opportunity to once and again enjoy the incredible Andean scenery – making it a favorite among luxury travelers.

Local homestays

Five major rivers and more than 20 smaller flow into the lake that is made up of two nearly completely separated sub-basins. The lake has a maximum depth of almost a 1,000 feet and contains a number of islands like the remote Taquille which was used as a prison colony for hundreds of years and is still largely unchanged by modern life. There are no cars, hotels or main electrical grid on the island, but it’s culture has remained very much in contact and its handicraft tradition of knitting and weaving is of the highest quality, making for impressive and unique souvenirs. Nowadays travelers can spend a night with a local family at one of the Taquille islands. Richard, our video director stayed on a Taquille island with a local family, read more about his first-hand island stay experience.

Luxury eco-lodges

The floating islands of Uros, tiny and handmade out of reed by families living from fishing are the most popular attraction and are reachable by boats tours that are on offer from Puno. Longer trips also take in two natural inhabited islands that nowadays house super luxurious eco-lodges for those who want to ultimately enjoy the nature beauty of the world’s highest navigable lake.

Suasi Island private boat

Suasi Lodge

The Casa Andina Suasi Island lodge is an exceptional eco-lodge, located on Suasi Island,  in the center of Lake Titicaca. It’s a 3 hour boat ride from the shore, but definitely worth the travels. Feel one with the magnificent lake and the surrounding mountains from the moment you set foot on wall on Suasi Island. The hotel blends in perfectly with the surrounding flora and fauna and all rooms have perfect views over the lake.

Suasi Lake views

This is the perfect stop for relaxing, exploring the island’s flora and fauna and to visit the cultivated parcels where ancient aromatic and medicinal herbs grow. If you’re looking for futher relaxation, sauna and massage services are available.


The award-winning Titilaka lodge can be named one of the most luxurious experiences lodges of the area. Everything about this lodge is unique and all details have been taken care of. To start with the location, the lodge is located on a private peninsula on the shores of Lake Titicaca.

Titilake lake views

From there all your senses will be activated through the distinguished experience, from unreal landscapes, visits to cultural and ancient places to the gourmet dinners below the stars.  The perfect threat for luxury travelers who want a comfortable peninsula lodge experience in style.

Titilaka sundown