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Luxury Iguazu Falls in Argentina

The natural beauty of Iguazu Falls is truly breath-taking with the magnificent relationship between land and water at the Iguazu National Park in Argentina. There is no doubt that the area of Iguazu Falls conserves one of the largest and most spectacular waterfalls in the worlds with numerous cascades and rapids. Almost 3 kilometers wide and 80 meters high, surrounded by an abundance of diverse sub-tropical rainforest, the Iguazu Falls was rightly included on the World Heritage List in 1984. Visiting this unique area is both visually and acoustically tantalizing and should not be missed but what are your options if you’re looking to accompany this exclusive location with a unique and luxury Iguazu Falls experience.

Double Rainbow at Iguazu Falls

Visiting Iguazu Falls

Exploring all that Iguazu Falls has to offer is unique in itself and an experience that you will never forget due to the beauty of this natural wonder. With a private tour guide, discovering the Falls is made that little bit more extraordinary as you explore the Argentina side of Iguazu Falls and the surrounding rivers and jungle. The perfect correlation between the Falls and land is translated with the wooden walkways built a few meters above the jungle floor and waterways. As the almost majestic and floating walkways wind themselves around the landscape, they have a limited impact on the surrounding environment. Getting up close and personal to the various cascades is made accessible with the huge torrents of water and spray falling within arm’s reach of the walkways giving you an idea of the sheer mighty force of the Falls. Strolling along the walkways that protect the natural jungle habitat and wildlife, your private guide provides you with all their years of knowledge and understanding of the natural environment, fauna, flora and surrounding region. Their care and attention means that they are able to delve into the areas that grab your interest and can cater to your needs.

Walkways at Iguazu Falls

Your luxury accommodation

Following your visit to the exquisite and scenic Iguazu Falls, the beauty and uniqueness does not need to stop there. The beautiful lodge-style Loi Suites Hotel in Iguazu is surrounded by lush green rainforest trees and located in the hilltops overlooking the Iguazu River and 15 minutes from the Falls. Due to its remoteness, the only sounds that you hear are that of the rainforest birds singing and the relaxing sound of flowing water. This luxury tranquil retreat was built with the upmost respect for the surrounding nature; preserving native trees and the surrounding area making it the perfect place to get back to once you have visited the Falls. With 162 rooms, each one does not disappoint with amazing views of the surrounding jungle whilst ensuring the technology and bedroom characteristics create a tranquil ambiance making your stay unforgettable. The hotel also provides private access to the Iguazu River and has suspended bridges further connecting the hotel with the surrounding natural environment. As the sun begins to set following your full day tour of Iguazu Falls, you can enjoy relaxing in the beautiful pool and spa of the hotel. The outdoor swimming pools under the rainforest trees, assures you are able to relax and listen to the sounds of the surrounding rainforest and calm trickling of water. As the evening begins to set in, relax with a smooth and delicate glass of Malbec wine whilst listening to the surrounding jungle environment and appreciating the magnificence of where you are.

Loi Suites Iguazu Hotel

A luxurious experience at Iguazu Falls is one that will give you memories that stay with you forever. The richness of the natural environment accompanied by staying at a unique luxury hotel makes for the perfect vacation in Argentina and Iguazu Falls.

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