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Laryssa’s Favorite Destination: Buenos Aires

To round off a fantastic 2013, we thought we would let you in to some of our secrets and get to know the travel specialists that are behind planning your luxurious and unforgettable tours to Central & South America. Each week until the end of the year we will be featuring two interviews with our local travel experts located across Central & South America. To kick this series off, we are with Laryssa from our Buenos Aires office and Class Adventure Travel’s only Canadian team member!

Laryssa Casa Rosada

Hi Laryssa, what is your favorite Central or South America destination and why?
Hello! This is a difficult one as I have so many favorite destinations! But I suppose if I had to choose one it would have to be, Buenos Aires.

“Buenos Aires is simply magical, there’s no other way to explain it!” – Laryssa

Buenos Aires was the first Latin American city I ever stepped foot in and I’ve yet to exhaust the possibilities of finding something new and exciting each day.

What is your favorite activity to do whilst in Buenos Aires?
Eat! I’m a foodie so I love indulging in any kind of gastronomical treat from a specific cut of Argentina’s prized beef (asado de tira is my favorite) to a greasy choripan on the Costanera to a homemade pan relleno in the park. I’m also a huge fan of the markets in San Telmo and Plaza Francia on the weekends, so much action!

Meat in Buenos Aires

What is your favorite dish from Buenos Aires?
Uh oh…did I already talk about food? I forgot to mention that my favorite part of Argentine gastronomy is the wine culture.  I’ve inadvertently turned into a slight wine snob as great Malbec is found absolutely everywhere.

Where is your favorite place to stay in Buenos Aires?
The adorable and thoughtfully designed Rendezvous Hotel located in Palermo Hollywood. The hotel is in the perfect neighborhood; it’s stylish and has comfortable unique rooms with incredibly welcoming and helpful staff. I wish a place like Rendezvous Hotel existed in every city!

Laryssa relaxing with a Malbec

What would you say is the one place travelers to Buenos Aires have to see, do or try?
You must try a typical Argentine merienda or afternoon snack around 6pm. Have a local help you prepare a mate and choose your favorite sweet treat from a local bakery. Then go to one of the parks or find a bench and relax into the company around you where you can watch and enjoy the rhythms of Buenos Aires in the afternoon.

What would be your one travel expert piece of advice to give to travelers going to Buenos Aires?
Know how much your taxi should cost!! But actually…try eating as late as the Argentines do and sleeping in the next day a bit more than usual and then take a couple of hours for lunch. The best way to connect to a new culture is to really live it so try to let go of your expectations and personal routines, even if just for a couple of days.

Laryssa enjoying a bite to eat

Where in Central/South America is next on your list for places you want to visit and why?
Colombia for sure! There is something so warm and inviting about the people that I’m sure the country has mysteries I want unlocked. And…ok, I know I talk about food a lot…but I want plantains and cilantro and fresh fruits in everything I eat!!

And finally, if you had to choose one essential item you always take traveling with you what would it be?
An empty journal so that I can fill it with my thoughts, images and flavors that I encounter during my travels.

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