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Lake Titicaca Home stay – First-hand Island Life Experience

No visit to Lake Titicaca would be complete without heading onto the deep blue waters, making a trip of its islands and learning from its many local traditions. During such an experience Class Adventure Travelers visit several islands before arriving to their local host families for a truly authentic experience. A home stay is the perfect addition to a Lake Titicaca visit for those who are interested in a first-hand experience of the island life in ways we can hardly imagine. Go back to basic, explorer the community and get to know a local Peruvian family.

Lake Titicaca island life

Uros Islands

The day begins visiting the fascinating Uros islands, home to the descendants of the pre-Inca Uro people who continue to live on the floating islands, which are constructed using the Totoro reeds from the Titicaca lakeside. It’s a continuous process as the islands are made up of layers upon layers of reeds. Those closest to the water, will start to rot because of the humidity and will be replaced with fresh reeds from the top. The overnights do not take place of the Uros Islands, from here on you will continue your way to the Amantani or Suasi islands.

Lake Titicaca Uros

Lake Titicaca is world’s highest navigable lake and its size is huge, several natural islands can be found in its waters – Amantani and Suasi Islands being 2 examples.

Amantani Island Home stay

The Amantani Island has a population of almost 4000 habitats, which life in 10 communities at different locations on the island. Many of these communities offer home stay experiences. Life on the island is simple! Be prepared to not have access to power sources nor Internet, this is a genuine experience.

Lake Titicaca arrival island

Upon arrival to the Islands and the community you’ll be welcomed by your local family and shown to the place you’ll spend the night. If you’d like to bring your hosts some gifts, your local guide can assist in pick out just the right items. You can bring food or school materials. Don’t forget to bring your own creature comforts as well to protect against the colder night temperatures. Your Travel Specialist should be able to recommend any key items to pack for your Titicaca home stay. 

Titicaca homestay boy

Titicaca homestay local girl

Every home stay experience is unique and therefore different from those of other travelers.

Quote from one of our travelers:

‘ This is where I stayed last night this house has been kept in the same family for eleven generations, that’s around 850 years. They don’t have electricity, however despite the strong sun, keeping food and drinks cold is possible as this island is 3500m above sea level. 

Its incredible that life here hasn’t changed much over the last few hundred years. Just like their pre Inca ancestors they still weave cotton, grow vegetables, fruit and raise sheep on the island.’


Lake Titicaca homestay

Titicaca local dinner soup

You might help out with some light cooking or household chores. There may be local music, and your host might want to give you an area tour. If visiting during Peruvian National Holidays you will even be invited to dress in traditional clothing and take part in the local celebrations. You’ always be served local meals made by your host mom and lodging in typical style home, allowing you to get a complete first-hand experience. Whatever your host family has in store for you, you’ certainly feel the warmth of your friendly hosts as they open their doors, invite you to the table and offer truly warm welcomes. It’s a privilege to receive such a special gift.

You can add one of these first-hand Lake Titicaca Island homestays to your premium Peru vacation with Class Adventure Travel and experience the authentic Peruvian island culture, that is unique and fascinating.

Photo credits featured image, woman on island, girl, boy, home stay lodging and food: The View South