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Video | Introducing Machu Picchu at Sunrise | Favorite Machu Picchu Guide Explains

´My first time in Machu Picchu was in 1965, when I was 7 years old, I was here. It was the perfect moment to decide that I loved this place and had to do something here.


Machu Picchu at sunrise

Guide first Machu Picchu visit

I decided to guide people in Machu Picchu in the 1980-ies, that was when I began being a guide in Machu Picchu. So from the 1980-ies until now I’ve been working fertilely years as a guide in Peru and mostly in Machu Picchu.

Machu Picchu at sunrise

CAT Machu Picchu guide

Sunrise at the Guard House

The most interesting time to be in Machu Picchu is in the dry season in the morning to see the sunrise. The most days of the year in the dry season the sky is very clear, blue skies and 80% of the time it’s possibly to see the sunrise. And the best place defectively is the guard house over there. It’s very magic to see how the sun, the most important god shines over the whole center of Machu Picchu.´

Machu Picchu sunrise

Machu Picchu at sunrise

Machu Picchu at sunrise

Guard house Machu Picchu sunrise


All of Class Adventure Travel’s Machu Picchu tours included a second entrance to Machu Picchu for sunrise, as we believe that this is one of the most magical moments that can be experienced during your time in Machu Picchu, the Inca Capital.