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Guide to Central America’s Highlights

Central America hosts a number of surprises, and perhaps less traveled and explored than its popular neighbor of South America, this does not falter the hidden secrets of this incredible region. If you’ve spoken to somebody that has recently visited Central America or read about the region in a travel article, you are certain to hear about its beauty and attractions.

Always moving with the travel trends and in order to meet your needs, we are now providing luxury tours to Belize, Costa Rica and Guatemala!

Here’s a brief overview of these three stunning Central American countries with each one offering you an unforgettable vacation and travel experience for 2014.

Combining the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea, part of the expansive Central American jungle and interesting Mayan ruins, Belize joins together the very best that Central America has to offer.

If your Spanish isn’t necessarily up to scratch, do not worry as in Belize, English is the official language making it that little bit less daunting and accessible to travelers.

With the second largest Barrier Reef in the world and with hundreds of different kinds of corals and species of fish as well as warm crystal clear waters, Belize is a divers and snorkelers paradise! If however, you prefer exploring wildlife on dry land, Belize has that covered too with a vast network of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in its beautiful jungle environment. Looking for a bit of culture and history? You guessed it; Belize also offers some of the best excavations, ruins and archaeological sites as you step back in time to explore the interesting and mysterious Mayan civilization.

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Costa Rica
The pristine and peaceful oasis of Costa Rica in Central America is staggeringly beautiful and seductive with its relaxing ‘pura vida’ pace to life. Costa Rica also has such a wide range of incredible travel experiences to take advantage of no matter what your preferred type of vacation is! Active and adventurous travelers can enjoy the extensive water activities on the Pacific and Caribbean coastlines as well as the famous zip lines that cross through the spectacular and vibrant jungle.

The varied topography of the country means you can visit the jungle one day, an active volcano the next day before relaxing on a white sandy beach watching an exquisite sunset.

With such an array of activities and attractions, the beautiful part of Costa Rica is that the ecosystem and wildlife are some of the most protected in the world meaning you can make the most of Costa Rica in an eco-friendly and luxurious way.

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One of the most diverse countries of Central America, Guatemala offers landscapes and experiences that have brought travelers to this country for centuries. With the colonial grandeur of Antigua’s architecture to the stunning cathedral in Guatemala City’s central plaza, you will be treated to plenty of photo opportunities along the way.

Guatemala also has a host of naturally beautiful locations with not even 2% of its landmass urbanized; you can really make the most of the great outdoors.

The mouth-wateringly gorgeous Lake Atitlan which is surrounded by impressive volcanoes, hold the hidden traditions, cultures and history of the Mayan world. With Mayan towns still scattered amongst the hills surrounding Lake Atitlan, you can explore and gain an insight into this incredible civilization like nowhere else in the world!

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