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Google Street View in the Amazon

The Google Street View team has begun a project to include a part of the Brazilian Amazon on their world Street View maps. With 360 degree images of life on the Amazon River and the surrounding rainforest, users will be able to cruise the Amazon River and see what life is like for the communities who live there.

Brazilian Amazon

The area of river that they have chosen stretches for 50km from Manaus (the capital of Brazil’s Amazonas state) down the Rio Negro River through the Tumbira and Terra Preta communities. Google are working with the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation, a local non-profit organization, to get representative images of local communities, life in the rainforest and landscape views. They will be mounting cameras on boats, bikes, and trikes and cruising around the whole region gathering images, with which they will build the 360 degree images of Street View.

Manaus Amazonas theater

As well as giving a fascinating insight into this beautiful and remote part of the world, the aim is to raise awareness of the importance of the Amazon and the need to preserve our natural habitats. Google also underwent a recent project to include parts of the Antarctic on their street view maps.

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