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Floralis Genérica

It’s become an iconic image in Buenos Aires, that oversized flower. What’s the story there and where exactly is this sculpture? It’s the Floralis Genérica, named so to represent all the flowers across the world. Architect Eduardo Catalano designed and paid for this piece. It was completed and inaugurated in 2002. This 23 meter high flower is constructed of stainless steel, aluminum and concrete. It was designed to mimic the movements of real flowers, by closing its petals at sunset and blooming again every morning. A red light glows from the inside, causing a dramatic mix of colors against the night sky and surrounding green-lit path. Sadly, this feature was disabled in 2010 to prevent a  malfunction. One of the petals was actually installed incorrectly, but since that company has since been nationalized, it remains uncertain who in in charge of fixing the error. Open, or closed, it’s still a wonderful site to see while you’re in Buenos Aires.

Where, exactly, is this beauty located? Along the Avenida Figueroa Alcorta, next to the Law University, across the street and down the way a bit from the Malba. It would be a great place to visit after a day at the museum.


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